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Axis of Evil

April 22, 2011

Ever since 9/11 there have been various wars, not the least of which has been different factions trying to come to grips with the notion that Islam is attempting world domination versus those who say that such an assertion is alarmist and that Muslims and Islam are peace loving. On the one side of the coin is the abundance of examples of modern day extremism by Muslims, the fact that Islam is not just a religion but is also a totalitarian political system, and the calls to violence described in the Qu’ran. On the other side are 1.5 billion Muslims who claim that versus in the Qu’ran calling for violence are misunderstood, and that the greatest majority of Muslims are not violent.

So who is right and who is wrong? After devoting a significant amount of time and effort in to researching the truth, I can honestly say that both sides are right. How can that be? It is simple. Islam is divided in to many sects, each believing that they are right while the other is wrong. Furthermore, for as many main sects as there is in Islam, there are also interpretations to the texts contained in the Qu’ran, and the various Hadiths observed by the differing sects.

The most radical of the Islamic sects is the Wahhabi’s. One of the tenants of Islam is to believe in the “End of Days”. Many Muslims, especially the Wahhabi’s, believe that before the End of Days can occur the Jews must be exterminated from their home land, Israel. The Wahhabi’s not only believe this because of their strict interpretation from Islamic writings, but they also believe that it is incumbent upon all Muslims to fight all non-Muslims and those of non-Sunni sects. It is this sect that has spawned violent terrorists organizations, funds Muslim political organizations in the free world, is funding Mosques throughout the free world, sending like minded clerics to those Mosques, and has developed a plan to infiltrate the free world in an effort to spread Sharia law as the only legal system in the world. Starting with the radical Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabi’s have found a home in Saudi Arabia as that country lives by the most strict form of Sharia Law and has used the vast wealth from the Saudi royalty to fund their extreme agenda.

To date, 80% of the Mosques in America are Wahhabi sect. Our government since 9/11 has pressured the Saudis to control the clerics in the US from preaching subversive messages and inciting violence, and while they had for awhile, the home grown terrorists in America and Europe are the direct result of Saudi clerics inciting violence. One of the most effective strategies by the Wahhabi’s is to recruit from those who are already disenfranchised members of a society, usually those serving time in prison.

I can cite a plethora of resources that prove my assertions. Google is just as powerful of a tool for others as they are me, but I would be happy to supply resource links to anyone interested. We must get past our political and fuel cost concerns as relate to Saudi Arabia, and cut off our relations with them. The FBI is in possession of the ‘percentage’ plan used by radical Islam which diagrams a plan to use the free worlds rights and freedoms against them to affect Sharia creep. This plan has been successfully implemented throughout the world and is currently causing significant problems for European countries.

In short, there is a sect and segment of Islam that has insidious intentions toward the US and the rest of the free world. While it is not fair to discriminate against all Muslims for the actions of one sect in particular, it is incumbent upon the free world to educate itself and remain vigil against the tactics of the extremist Wahhabies and hate spawned Islamic terrorists organizations.


A congressional report on Wahhabi’s of Saudi Arabia and their link to terrorism.

From a former US Ambassador about Saudi funding of radical Wahhabi’s

From an official Islamic website, agreeing that Wahhabism is being spread at immense rates worldwide, and noting that various countries are demanding from the Saudi gvt to stop the influx of radical clerics preaching in those mosques popping up all over the world:

–quote from that site- “Saudi Embassy’s support for the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia, which “advocates a strict brand of Islam that experts say breeds extremism.”

another article from a legit site.

Again from an Islamic site, noting that radical Wahhabism now makes up 80% of mosques in America.

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