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Open and Honest Investigation of Islam

April 22, 2011

Fear not an open and honest investigation of radical Islam

Early 2011, a gunman at the Frankfurt airport in Germany opened fire on American military personnel who were passengers on a bus, killing 2 servicemen and injuring many others. German investigators would later disclose that the gunman was a Muslim who had been recently “radicalized” by religious leaders in proximity to where he lives. Soon after, Representative Peter King called for hearings regarding the potential radicalization of Muslims in America – a step which to many seemed prudent given that the atrocities committed by radicalized Muslims is a worldwide issue, and given that the wave of arrests and thwarted plots recently seen in the US has severely undermined the long-held assumption that American Muslims, unlike their European counterparts, are virtually immune to radicalization. The hearings also wish to point out that there are Muslim rights groups operating within the US that are funded by radical Islam, and whose agenda may not be as innocuous as simply promoting mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. In fact, a federal judge recently ruled that there is ample evidence to implicate CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) as being terrorist funded and whose actions aid radical Islam (1).
Critics of these hearings insist that this is McCarthyism, arguing that the premise of radical Islam is simply fear mongering. However, through the fog of reasoning created by the Islamic apologists are significant contradictions. The first and most glaring being that if radical Islam is an American fallacy, then why are there so many deaths attributed by Muslim fundamentalists worldwide? Another accusation from the fog is that terrorism is occurring by Muslims, but that it is simply a way for Islam to fight back against a western “globalist” movement. So if suicide bombing and subversive tactics are approved tools by Islamic apologists who blame the west for radical Islam, then why is it now inappropriate to acknowledge such tactics could exist within American borders?  Perhaps the most recent contradiction comes from a story first broke by an NPR reporter regarding the deaths surrounding the events after two teenagers fell in love. (2)  In Soul, Egypt, a Muslim girl and Christian boy fell in love. The Islamic leaders in the town decided that the girl broke an Islamic tenant and insisted to her father that he needed to execute his daughter. When the father refused to murder his daughter, one of his own family members murdered him, and then the Muslim community burned down the Christian church as retaliation. I have to ask for what the Muslims were retaliating against – the puppy love of two children, or the violent and murderous acts of their own Muslim community against members of their own Muslim community, all justified by a misaligned religious theology that Islamic apologists would insist is not representative of “true” Islam. At the heart of this story and the naysayers regarding the Congressional hearings to investigate radical Islam in America is yet another contradiction, which is that if a tribal pocket of Islam could murder children over what they perceive as injustice against Islam, why is it so hard to believe that other Islamic fundamentalists could be operating globally to advance fundamental Islam in retaliation for what they perceive as being western influence that is an “enemy” of Islam? IOW if religious leaders would murder a child of their own kin, why is it so hard to believe that they would not blink an eye at determining the appropriateness of murdering anyone outside of their circle of fundamentalism?
Those who know me know that I advocate peace and understanding among the various factions in the world. They know that I do NOT attribute radical Islam as a characteristic of all of Islam. They know my belief that the element of radical Islam is attributable to the newest and most fundamental sect of Islam, the Wahhabi’s in Saudi Arabia – a sect of Islam known for its murderous ways, in a country known for having the largest percentage of human rights issues in the world. A sect that other *Islamic* sources implicate as having a radical agenda and further implicate their clerics as promoting radical fundamental Islam in increasingly large numbers of Saudi funded mosques in the world – are they, Muslims, Islamaphobes too?
I welcome these hearings, as long as they are honest, open and truthful. I believe that they will help to bring to light the radical element of Islam, and will vindicate peaceful Muslims as being followers of the peaceful aspects of Islam, which is the religious part.
To those who are confused by the fog, let me say this:
It is OK to take notice of the significant number of atrocities committed by radical Islam worldwide.
It is OK to wish to protect America from a faction of outsiders who wish to destroy the tenants of freedom established by the founders of America.
It is OK to be labelled a ‘patriot’ for supporting calls to investigate those who would deform American freedoms. The attribute of ‘Patriot’ is not a sign that a citizen is evil or racist.
It is OK to investigate those with a radical agenda which is in opposition to the tenants of freedom established by the founders of America.
And finally, it is OK to disagree with the type of cultural fundamentalism that would murder a child for falling in love with a person who does not share such extreme fundamentalism; and to disagree with the type of behaviours that seem to be predominant among segments of fundamentalists that would compel their unconscionable ideologies on others through violence and subversion.
One Comment
  1. The quickest way to investigate islam is by:

    Read the quran

    Take notes on how the quran bashes Christianity, Judaism and all other Faiths

    IF your lucky to find a quran with a commentary take notes of what that author beleives in

    IF you are willing and have time read posts on islamic websites about multiple subjects… These can include: jihad, sharia laws, islams treatment of muslimas (female muslims), Islams treatment of secular politics, Islams treatment of gay men and lesbians, Islams history and how it conquered the Middle East.

    In other words… The islamic system is bad for ANYONE inside AND outside of it.

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