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Israel Apartheid Week or Wall of Lies

April 25, 2011

A battle of information is at hand in America these days – and the war theater is on American college campuses. On one side is the Muslim Student Association’s (MSA) project titled “Israel Apartheid Wall” in which they presume to demonstrate that Israel is engaged in genocide of Palestinians. On the other side is, among others, a 60’s peace activist who now argues that the MSA’s project is chock full of lies and is an attempt to sway young minds against Israel to affect politics in the future – one in which support for Israel wanes to the point that Arab nations can strike Israel for the kill. I write this article in an attempt to examine the merits, or false information, provided by each side.

My research began reading the various assertions by both sides and then researching them. [a][b]
1) At the heart of the issue is one of legitimacy regarding Israel as a State versus whether the land belongs to Palestine. In truth, beyond the biblical references surrounding Jerusalem and the region as belonging to the Jews, the area has a much more diverse history of conquest and pilgrimage. Prior to the British occupation, the area was part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire (who are not Arabs). There really was no such thing as ‘Palestinians’ as a race, other than biblical texts for a group associated with tribes in the area that, along with Jews, made up the Canaanites, however, the Palestinian tribes of that era are long gone. The Arabs that carry the ‘Palestinian’ nomenclature now were cast away from the Saudi Arabia lands just prior to the British occupation, and thus were pilgrims to the area.

Besides biblical texts, texts in the Qu’ran/Hadiths refer to Prophet Muhammad originally mandating that prayers should be done facing Jerusalem in a move He had hoped would appease the Jews so that they would accept him. Later, when they did not, Prophet Muhammad altered the prayer direction to Mecca. So in Islamic texts we also see references to Jerusalem as rightful Jewish Holy Land.

The British Mandate, which was first drafted as the Palestinian Mandate of 1922, divided the lands of Israel (25%) and Jordan (75%) as the British discovered that the Arabs and Jews of the time simply could not get along. Jordan then, was to be the home for the Palestinians. In fact, Palestinians today represent 80% of the population of Jordan. It is through European mandates that many other middle-eastern countries have been designated borders, so why Israel’s border is the only matter of contention is a matter of interest, especially given the tribal makeup of the middle-east prior.

So in my view, the Jews have as much claim over the Israeli outlined area as anyone else, especially since prior to the British Mandate, Jewish settlers had purchased much of the land now in mainland Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

2) The next main contention is one of genocide. Many individual events are used as examples – I will cover a few here, starting first with the war of 1948 in which several Arab nations attacked Israel unprovoked. Israel was able to repel the attackers despite the fact that Israel at the time was more or less pockets of contingents rather than the centralized government that they are now. Prior to this attack, Israel was in the middle of what is best described as a civil war, with Arabs attacking Jews and Jews retaliating. After the 1948 war, Arab nations expelled, persecuted, or compelled many Jewish peoples to leave their homes at a substantially higher rate than Arabs left Israel, while others made the pilgrimage of their own accord to settle the new Israel. The Arabs, (later to be known as Palestinians), also left of their own accord or were compelled to do so, often because of their role in the 1948 war. It is these refugees who are now without an identity as despite several UN actions, Arab states refuse to allow them to absorb in to the rest of the Arab nations. In fact, Palestinians of today are still treated as second class citizens, are persecuted, and even violently driven from their homes among Arab countries. As an example, in 1991, Kuwait violently ejected about 450,000 Palestinians because of the PLO’s lose ties to Saddam Hussein. While I find it very odd that despite the ongoing atrocities that are committed against Palestinians by Arabs on a daily basis today, only Israel is targeted by action groups.

In any case, I further discovered that Arabs in Israel live at a much greater standard of living than most other Arabs throughout the Middle-east and that the issues between Israel and Palestinians seem to be isolated to West Bank and Gaza Strip – not surprising given the actions by the PLO, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations that constantly fire artillery in to Israel from those locations.

Another contention is that Israel attacked Jaffa and segregated the city. What critics of this move fail to mention is that it was Jewish land just prior and that the Jews were attacked by Arabs. In the interest of truth, I think it is important to look at the history of the area and time, else, one could be accused of propagating a lie.

3) The next assertion is that Israel kills innocent Palestinians. To understand the basis of this accusation one must consider the source and contributing factors. In 2008, Hamas launched rocket attacks against Israel while hiding in civilian areas, and has admitted to using innocent Palestinians as human shields. In fact, Hamas setup launch sites next to schools in order to avoid IDF air strikes. Several pieces of video and satellite images detail these types of cowardice acts by Hamas. See video here. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that terrorist organizations have attacked Israel from Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has responded to these attacks by putting up a defensive wall that some say encroaches on Palestinian territory and rights. Once again, Palestinians find that they are between a rock and a hard place as they are restricted both by the walls AND the Arab nations around them. The Apartheid movement suggests that this is Israel’s attempt to starve out Palestinians, yet there is a long history of violence against Israel, (which lends credit to the self-defense position), and there are many humanitarian efforts by Israel that counter this argument.

As for the assertion that the West Bank is Palestine, there is a historical barrier. The war of 1948 included an attack of the West Bank by Jordan/East Bank Palestine. In the 90’s, following constant attacks by West Bank terrorists, Israel took the land back, and after the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty of 1994, Jordan removed all claims for Judea and Samaria (formerly “the West Bank”) – and so the West Bank, by virtue of the peace treaty, is now part of Israel.

By now the issues have become quite clouded, and even though clearly Israel has been forced to act in self-defense, can that assertion be maintained today? – not always, but then, at what point are offensive initiatives appropriate to counter the numerous unprovoked attacks against a nation? Additionally, at what point should the world outside of the Middle-east stand up and take notice of the atrocities committed against Palestinians by Arab countries, (or is it ok for them to commit atrocity against the “warring and violent” Palestinians but not Israel)?

A note on the Muslim Student Association’s link to terrorists – A 2004 FBI report implicates the MSA as having been started by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization which is also the father organization for Hamas and Al-Qaeda. There are about 150 charters of the MSA, and some appear to be benign with interest only in fostering good relations among Muslims and non-Muslims. However, there are also cases of MSA leaders being implicated and arrested for planning terrorist attacks, and there are those who promote the radical agenda of the total annihilation of Israel and worldwide genocide of Jews.

A question of ethics: In that 800,000 to one million Jews have fled Arab lands, often because of violent attacks by Arabs who confiscated their property and then excommunicated them, how can the same Arab nations now say that the Jews should not be allowed to stay in Israel? There is an ethical issue at stake.

One final thought: While I don’t condone violence or oppression of any kind, I find many of the events surrounding Israel to be quite disturbing. The actions of radical elements in Islam who take literal interpretations of Qu’ran texts that emphasize the return of the Messiah as being earmarked by the genocide of Jews, a constant attack on Israel for the past 60+ years, and a media that fails to report on all of the facts regarding the plight of Palestinians in its ENTIRETY. I also find fault with the UN for not holding Arab nations accountable for those atrocities against Israel, but rather insisting that it is only Israel that should shoulder the burden of tolerance, even as her citizens are being attacked by terrorists supported by Arab nations.

[a] – Argues that the “wall” is lies.
[b] – Argues that Israel is an apartheid state.–south-asia/932-israel-the-good-enemy-

Disturbing Hamas/PLO sponsored childrens programming:

  1. Jews are living in the land today known as Israel.
    Muslims have a habit of encroaching others land and then declaring as it’s their own. The “Kingdom of Judah” & “Kingdom of Israel” are proof that Israel is ancient nation.
    God bless the Jews & God Bles Israel

    • There does seem to be a mindset that a land or person, once conquered into Islam, remains theirs. I can think of no kind way of putting that. The fact that apostasy is considered an executable offense by 30% of Muslims worldwide is a pretty clear indication.

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