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Strange Bedfellows – Pakistan/Islam (Cutting Ties)

May 5, 2011

As American’s search to understand the odd relationship America has with Pakistan, it is easy to get caught up in the tidal wave of ill feelings toward a country that seems to be both a friend and enemy to the USA. On the one hand, Pakistan has turned over more terrorists than any other nation in the world. On the other hand, they may have knowingly harbored Osama bin Laden and are certainly quite friendly with China. Indeed, Pakistan makes for a strange bedfellow. However, what few people seem to realize is that Pakistan, in many ways, is much like Mexico. In Mexico, there is a formal government body, but most of the real power is held by the drug cartels. Similarly in Pakistan, while there is a formal government, most of the influence in the country is from any equally destructive and deplorable gang who follows strict Islam, and that is the Taliban and similar Islamic “purists”.

To understand life in Pakistan, one must first understand how Islam is a Totalitarian Theocratic Political System. Everything is influenced by Sharia Law. To further illustrate the  point, I give you the plight of many a young Christian girl who are kidnapped, repeatedly raped by a Muslim “admirer” until she confesses to adopt Islam, and then is married to the rapists in a quick Muslim ceremony and remains forever enslaved to Islam. Worse yet, these actions are supported by the very government that should be protecting them. Don’t believe me, or perhaps you think I am being Islamophobic?

In this article is a tale of such atrocity {click here}.

In this article is yet another example {click here}.

And yet more {click here}

There are many, many more cases, one need only do a web search. In fact, one source states that over half of a million young Christian girls have been raped by Muslims in the past several years, which would be a very very low count as admitting to being raped results in more and even greater brutality.

I know what you are thinking, that this is not that common and that certainly the authorities would act on such a thing, after all, no religious based theology would allow such monstrous actions, right?  – wrong. First, the parents of the children kidnapped and raped are either ignored by police or even THREATENED. At times, the rapist is a policeman or a religious leader. When activists organizations take up their cause and actually get a day in court, the result is also as despicable. In THIS ARTICLE is proof that a judge ruled that an under aged girl as young as 7 can be forcibly converted to Islam, and that there is nothing wrong with it – at least, not in the eyes of those who adhere to strict Islam. Imagine having your child ripped away from you, repeatedly tortured and raped, and then have the government support the kidnappers. Worse yet, if your child did escape, they could be killed for “apostasy”. And if they don’t convert, they can be savagely whipped or murdered for having committed adultery, (yes, to be raped in Islam is to commit adultery). Imagine.

But, is this the norm, or do government officials fear reprisals so much from the Taliban and similar type of insidious groups that they allow atrocity to occur to save their own hides? That is what Islamic fundamentalism has become in parts of the world. That is the question that must be answered before we are too quick to end support for the Pakistan government. If that government is either of the same mindset as these Islamic devils or too cowardly to act against them, than funding should be pulled. If, however, they stand for some semblance of honor, then I have no issue with helping them to fight these fundamental Islamic pigs, and may God make haste in ridding the world of them.,-young-woman-raped,-Protestant-pastor-attacked-21413.html

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