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The Hijacking of Racism

May 16, 2011

Racism RedefinedThe correct, standard, in-effect-for-centuries definition of racism is simply the belief in or the espousing of the inherent superiority of one race compared to another, as one would usually apply to intelligence, morals, or other physical and/or non-physical attributes. A race of a person has long been held to mean a classification of humans into distinct populations by factors such as inheritable genetic characteristics or geographic ancestry. IOW, race is defined by genetics, not choices, and racism is presupposing superiority of a person simply because of their race.

But today, racism has become a word used as a means of energizing political propaganda, as the mere mention of the word is meant to designate the uncovering of an inherent evil. So effective this tool of tale, that those with a non-racial agenda grapple with the sensibilities of legislature and elitists to redefine its meaning in efforts to create a two class system of ‘they’ as victims and everyone else as victimizers. So effective these campaigns that entire classes of people, by new definition, can only be victims while others can only be victimizers.

After WWII, there was a movement in Europe to try to make amends for the atrocities committed by Germany and its allies, (who included other European and Arab nations). This grotesque and misdirected issue of guilt gave way to political correctness and a broadened sense of misgivings in America. However, these accusations resist an honest examination. Essentially, Western Europeans and even more so Americans and Russians are neither responsible nor guilty for the genocide perpetuated by the Germans and their collaborators, and in fact defeated its inherent evil. In America, the Indians were decimated more by European illnesses against which their bodies had no natural immunization. While no one would dream of denying the horrors of the black slave trade, the Arabs and Africans, who have been engaged in slavery and the slave trade for thousands of years, (and still are), exchanged slaves for the glassware of the maritime merchants, thus having an equal share in the responsibility.

So skewed has definition of racism become, that whites and Christians are now condemned, not only to keep their opinions and attempts at open dialogue to themselves, but to spend their days polishing the image of immigrants. While we must permanently endure the worst insults against our country, our history, various religions and our people, we must also praise the grandeur and the success of those from terrestrial paradises such as the Orient, distant Africa, and the Totalitarian Theocratic Political System that so many are trying to flee – which is that of Islam.

It is more than fair to say that ‘racism’, as a word and as a character defect which can be attributed to any human being, has been hijacked by those with political agenda. In America, despite the population representation of Indians, Asians, Latinos, and whites, elitists chastise anyone who dare disagree that only whites can be racists and only blacks the innocent victims of racial atrocity. How horrifying it must be for these elitists to discover that on the world stage through the United Nations, other elitists are successfully rewriting history and current day political schema to render racism, not as a basic premise relating to genetic makeup, but as any criticism against the world’s only Totalitarian Theocratic Political System (Islam). Besides the fallacious assertion that Islam is “but a religion” is the notion that criticism of such a system is racist, when adherence to the religious aspect of Islam is a personal choice (when not compelled) made by people from all races, and thus is NOT anything even remotely close to a racist issue. Anyone with even the most basic level of critical thinking can see that the successful use of the newly redefined ‘racism’ nomenclature grants special privilege and protection to its now redefined class. A class of people who, by virtue of the new definitions, are free to act with unrestricted intolerance and hate inspired action at the expense of the new world minority.

Racism and intolerance are NOT characteristics of but a few. It is human nature to more easily relate with those of like characteristics, (birds of a feather flock together). *Anyone* is capable of allowing this tendency to become a character defect and act in ways that are shameful, holding on to stereotypes about other races of people. It is also within the capacity of humans to recognize this tendency and to let go of hateful or destructive thinking patterns, embracing the greater of humanity in its stead. However, if we are to see a better world, such redefined premises of racism must be espoused and the world must practice, from its entire population, unrestricted communal retrospection and personal introspection. Those who redefine racism act only to squash open and honest dialogue and embrace ideology that, in the end, is but self serving.

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