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Patriotism is Not a Four Letter Word.

May 26, 2011

Patriot PrideA patriot is a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. A patriot can also be described as someone who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by a government. A patriot may defend their nation even when they do not agree with the current administration. A patriot may defend an ideology, such as freedom of speech, even when they may not agree with what someone is saying. In America, a patriot has commonly been recognized as supporting the premises and ideologies of freedom that our forefathers held when they shaped America and the Constitution that governs her.

However, recently it seems patriotism has somehow been caste with an ugly shadow. There are those within America who seem to view patriotism with sharp criticism, as if patriotism is some form of mental illness. I can only conclude that such individuals maintain an ideology in stark contrast to those of our forefathers. Perhaps critics of patriotism feel that the only speech that should be free is that speech that they agree with. Perhaps they feel that the notion of freedom of certain beliefs is only appropriate if those beliefs match their own beliefs. Perhaps they recognize the conflict between patriots and their own desire to change America to a different form of government. I find it odd that in America today people are being challenged for standing up in devoted support of the freedoms of America, as outlined by those who escaped tyranny and had first hand knowledge of how deviate a government can become, and how imperative it is to maintain pressure on a government so that it does not encroach on inalienable and unalienable rights that are the fundamental rights of all human beings. To those people who feel shy about their patriotism I say; please allow me the patriotic act of defending your right to patriotism and desire to maintain America as a free country as directed by the timeless (and likely God sent) Constitution of the United States of America.

Patriotism is NOT racism. You are not a racist for believing in the premises of freedom, especially given that among the tenants of America is the notion that all men are created equal, and are equally protected by American laws as well as are equally held to standards of conduct which embody freedom.

Patriotism is NOT sexists. You are not a hater of women or men by being a patriot. Patriots fought for women’s rights, as equality is a tenant of freedom. Those who act in a self-serving manner, by definition, are not patriots.

Patriotism is NOT anti-government. Patriots recognize the need for a governing body; for police, fire, local authorities, lawmakers, judges, etc. Patriots believe in the check and balance system of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches, and expect each to perform their duties to protect the tenants of America as a free country without encroaching on either of the other two branches.

Patriotism is NOT spawned from ignorance nor are patriots unintelligent. Our forefathers were extremely intelligent individuals. Knowing and understanding their creative and literary works is neither ignorant nor a sign of a lack of intelligence when in fact it requires a certain level of knowledge and critical thinking skills to understand their works. Knowing and understanding the tenants of freedom and the documents which make up constitutional law in America is actually a DUTY of all free men and women.

Patriotism says to others that you recognize the importance of the tenants of freedom, and stand in support of those tenants. Patriotism says to others that you are a free individual – that is unless THEY are racist, sexist, self-centered, ignorant, or are detractors of freedom.

With regard to immigration, cultural pluralism need not necessarily be anti-patriotism. Immigrants can bring with them cultural riches that enhance the American landscape. But when immigrants to America deplore American freedoms and stand against the country and its Constitutional laws, working to dismantle the freedoms of the land and replace them with totalitarian forms of government, than it is incumbent upon patriots to point out the inconsistency of such treasonous acts after an immigrant has sworn an allegiance to America and Constitutional laws.

STAND PROUD PATRIOTS. Your freedoms depend on it.

And to the Patriots of America who serve our country in defense of its freedoms goes my heart felt appreciation.

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  1. Very Good Post Gonzo, I enjoyed it !!

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