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So, What’s Wrong With Voter ID?

May 30, 2011

The following is a post from a friend of mine. As a professional psychologist and academician, his perspectives on the world originate from keen observation. We may not always agree on all subjects, but I respect his judgment on a great many topics. I thought this article may be of particular interest to my own readership.

So, What’s Wrong With Voter I.D. ?!

I really don’t get it. Last weekend I stopped by the liquor store to purchase a bottle of my favorite libation. The nice cashier asked for my I.D.. I teased her in a light-hearted way and showed her my driver’s license. I did feel somewhat indignant, but I did not take it out on the poor lady who was only following her orders. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed at having to ask me for identification.

After all, I am “pushing” 70 years.

So, several days later, as I am driving down the road the guy on the radio explains that they are now thinking of altering the I.D. law in Indiana so that customers will only be “carded” if they appear to be under 40 years of age. Perhaps our legislators will put a few hundred hours of work into that project: Maybe it should be “if they appear” to be under 37.5 or 28.7 years.

At first I bristled (only at the legislators, mind you) at the ”insult” of being carded in order to buy alcohol. It appears that this new carding practice is a new manifestation of the political correctness madness that has swept our socioculture. After all, we would not want to inconvenience or insult anyone who looks to be under 21yrs and is carded. That would be an awful thing! Therefore we will inconvenience and insult everyone who wants to buy a beverage containing alcohol, even 70 or 80 years olds. Now that would be a fair and equitable thing to do.

Just imagine, at this very moment, hundreds of thousands of adult customers fumbling for their I.D.s in order to buy alcohol. Also Imagine hundred thousands of employees numbly and robotically inspecting these obviously middle and late-aged adult’s I.D.s, to be certain that they are not under 21 years of age.

What an amazing and impractical waste of human time and energy!

While hundreds of thousands of old folks scramble for their I.D.s in order to buy booze, sectors of our political system scream bloody murder about the unfair and discriminatory practice of requiring personal I.D. to vote in our democratic processes.

Even more obstreperous are political activists and politicians raise holy hell at the prospect of checking the I.Ds. of criminal suspects in order to determine if they are U.S. citizens.

Hard to believe isn’t it?

If you think about it, life in America is getting crazier by the minute .

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 4/28/11

You can view more of his posts here:


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