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White America is Evil

June 5, 2011

The long history of evil committed by white people in America is well documented and obvious to everyone else. This faction of super elitists have all but convinced everyone else that they are the exclusive perpetrators of some of histories most common cultural and industrial commonalities. Sure, they look like normal people, but they have systematically taken over the rest of the world, controlling everything that goes on in every other country. The madness of other world leaders believing that they actually are in control of their own countries is mere folly of how insidious white America’s control over everyone else has become.

So substantial is the reach of white America’s brain washing of the rest of the world, that while America is only 235 years old, white America has convinced all other minority groups that they are the exclusive orchestrators of slavery, despite the fact that slavery originated 5,000 years ago. So complete the contempt of real history, that the fact that Africans enslaved other Africans and then sold them to Europeans and Americans is all but erased. So deviate white America’s attempt to cover up the truth, that most people don’t even realize that white Europeans were enslaved by Arabs centuries ago. These evil miscreants even wish to bury the fact that it was European whites that first abolished slavery, that white America fought a civil war to abolish slavery, and  that the repercussions of that war created a tidal wave of slavery abolishment worldwide, (except in Africa and the Middle-East where slavery is still practiced). But does white America let this information out? –no, NO I say – they want everyone to believe that they invented the whole thing. If people only knew the truth.*

As if that is not bad enough, white America lures world nations in to a false sense of security by making generous donations to others during times of crisis, the likes of which has never been seen by any other nation through out time. How despicable to show off like that and then pretend not to expect anything in return, like being backstabbed. Pfff, give me a break. That’s the first rule of accepting gifts from someone – to stab them in the back afterwards. But no, they want to make new rules of gift giving.

By God, it doesn’t even end there. After creating a utopia of freedom and equal opportunity so attractive to others, they actually allow peoples from ALL other nations to migrate to their country – the devils. How insulting is that. Then, they actually think that people who migrate to their white utopia of freedom should not try to destroy it!! Can you believe that?! Such godless devils white America is.

Surely if you want more proof of just how deep the white America devil’s evil has become, knowing that knowledge is power, they first establish more world class Universities than any other nation and then have the audacity to actually allow people from ALL of the worlds countries to come study and learn there. My God, the humanity of it all. (Actually, I’m not quite sure what they get from that, but I’m certain it is pure evil.)

Finally, and the most insidious of all, white America invented computers, mobile computing, and the internet, with which whole revolutions have been spawned; with which they have managed to make the world small so as to make controlling it easier; and then, they actually SHARE that technology with the rest of the world which allows people around the globe see each other like never before; obviously because whitey has some evil plot.

Do yourselves a great favor – when visiting America, and white people treat you real nice and are quite generous, don’t believe it. And when your friends and family come back from visiting white America with delusions of how kind, generous, and helpful white America was to them, pity them, for they have surely been brainwashed.

* [You dare not learn the truth about slavery by following this link – white people don’t want you to know this.]


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  1. Outstanding job of demonstrating absurdity and irony!!

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