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Immigration Reform – Undeniable Need

June 12, 2011

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,…”

The poem of Liberty reflects not just the announcement of the promised land well over 200 years ago, but a guide to immigration that seems to have been choked out by bureaucratic red tape. Present day America began as a mass exodus from other lands for those seeking to escape tyranny. America stood for a land where ones freedoms were held in high regard and the promised land provided the bridge of hope that a people of like mindedness could start anew and free from the encroachment of those who would impose totalitarian rule upon them. This poem, more than anything, expresses an invitation to those who wish to impose upon themselves the responsibility of self governance, and a willingness to accept responsibility for their own actions. In return, they pledged allegiance to the principles of the free land, and to uphold and protect those freedoms.

This land, these people, do not want a government that imposes its will on the individual, and the huddled masses that risked all to attain their freedom provided law for the land as a measure of freedom assurance. This freedom, this assurance, having rung so loudly in the hearts of so many, continues to spark the dream of masses who wish to live in this land. So great the taste for freedom, that America, knowing that it cannot accommodate all who wish to migrate to this great land, imposed immigration limits, not out of spite, but out of necessity.

Mere decades ago, America prospered at an unprecedented level in large part because of the brain trust that was the collective of our society.America attracted intellectuals who not only appreciated the tenants of freedom, but understood the responsibility of each individual to contribute how they could. More than just a work ethic, this presumption of contribution was considered a duty and a privilege. Immigration at that time reflected this tenant of freedom, and the mindset of being of service to others was embraced by those who yearned for the right to call themselves a citizen of these United States of America.

Today, however, the immigration landscape is twisted beyond its original intent and design. Today, America’s leadership allows encroachment upon our land by those acting in self interest – an interest that in no way reflects upon the tenants of freedom. Not only are there those who encroach on our land to pillage the American taxpayer, but there are those whose arrival is marred by subversive intent. When immigration to our great land is used as a tool by those who wish to replace the tenants of freedom with a totalitarian form of government where the individual no longer has the freedom of self actualization, there is clear evidence for the need of immigration reform. Today, there is such clear evidence, and the totalitarian enemies of freedom are theocratic and socialists. The time is now to affect immigration change which protects American freedom, not out of spite, but as necessity.

Refuge from tyranny, being the fundamental promise of Liberty, should be the primary consideration given to immigration, and then ONLY if the would be immigrant is willing to accept, without contradiction of convictions, the tenants of freedom and the willingness to contribute to our society in a way that supports the tenants of freedom. For example, if a quota must be granted to a specific country, then why not provide an escape for those who are being persecuted for exercising freedom of belief? In Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, and other parts of the Middle-East, Christians, Bahai’s, and others are being systematically persecuted and even murdered for the sake of apartheid against their belief. Would not those persecuted by tyrants be more inclined to embrace the tenants of freedom than those who embrace the tenants of theocratic totalitarian governance? – of course they would.

UPDATE: (This section is additional information): Another aspect of immigration involves population growth and the responsibility of a civilization to its host planet. Countries such as China and Mexico are perfect examples of what happens when a population is allowed to expand unhindered. The average birthrate of the US is 2.01, which is .09 births below the statistic which lends toward population stability. IOW, because of death rates, a birthrate of 2.1 will equal zero population growth. However, the US population increases dramatically because the US allows a higher number of immigrants than any other country on the planet. A staggering 13% of the population in 2010 was immigrants.  Additionally, migrants families tend to have a higher birthrate, which will serve to increase the average US birthrate.

If you agree that immigration status should be granted only to those who would embrace the ideals of freedom and not to those who wish to destroy America, write your congress representatives and demand immigration reform. Demand that they uphold their promise to protect America and the Constitution. Demand that we deport now those that send material support to terrorist organizations and enemies of the State. Demand that they act in the interest of freedom, now, and for future generations. Thank  you.

Egypt Salafis war on  Christians:

Iran persecutes Bahai’s:

Immigrants attackingAmerica:

What an all immigrant city looks like:

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