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Keep the Guns – Outlaw Political Correctness

June 17, 2011

 Those darn kids. They just don’t seem to understand what it is to be respectable anymore. Just look at the schools these days – bars in the windows, chains on the doors, armed guards in the halls, metal detectors at entry points, and still we have the occasional shooting. Each instance of “child-cide” at the hands of other children is grievous fodder as proof of the need for gun control. Never mind the lack of logic that guns don’t actually kill anyone. I like my father’s perspective on this matter. He once commented, “When I was a kid, guns were everywhere. You carried one to school to go out hunting afterword, and no one thought anything of it. Sometimes, the Principle would grab his gun and go out with you. It was nothing to see someone walking down the street with a shotgun over their shoulder. Today, if someone sees that, the SWAT team is called out. Guns haven’t changed much in the last few decades, so what has?” Good question dad.

Forty years ago, the feminist movement conspired to transform the thinking on certain societal norms in to villainous oppression. Boys were good at math and took to sciences like a moth to light. Girls were good at handwriting, articulation, art, and whatever other subjects that required nurturing sensibilities. The problem is that the sciences lead to the higher paying jobs, and it was decided, militantly, that girls were being peg holed in to the less fortunate curriculums, and that by pushing girls in to math and science, equality would sprout from society like the endless supply of weeds in my lawn.

In the meantime, boys needed to stop being so “boy like” – playing rough just for fun, sprinting across campus, and antagonizing each other. These behaviors each now received a medically identifiable nomenclature as being a mental disease; diseases which upon close retrospection equates to forced-feminization; diseases for which any number of psychotropic drugs have been formulated and prescribed en masse. Political Correctness being what it is, one is prohibited from pointing out that perhaps the reason the child shooter went nuts with a loaded gun had less to do with gun laws, but rather, more to do with what Ritalin and anti-depressant drugs can do to people. But no, it can’t be that, as certainly the medical and mental health industry, who make substantial amounts of money from the drug industry, can’t be doing anything that would have an adverse effect.

So here we are, living in a political correctness (PC) utopia where all kids are expected to perform at the exact same level, in the exact same courses, and at exacting standards of teaching methodology. Those kids that don’t meet expected levels of behavior are drugged, as are those who buckle under the pressures of performance anxiety. But we don’t talk about that, nor is it apparently politically correct to point out that boys still excel in the practical application of math and science to create and engineer themselves in to better paying jobs, despite math and science being crammed down girls throats. Oh well, perhaps one day the militant feminists will get there way and simply add such creativity to the book of mental diseases, and the Bill Gates of the world can be drugged in to feminist utopian counter-reality.

Of course, not all gun incidents are related to pharma drugs and heavily medicated youth. Some incidents involve criminals and drugs of another kind. Here again, political correctness has managed to dodge the spot light as few people dare recognize, let alone state, how PC has actually CAUSED more problems than the zealots of wishful thinking have actually fixed. In short, the war on drugs has failed because society is too frightened of realistic introspection to recognize and admit the issues that bleed rivers of crimson through our streets.

Here are a few simple facts to admit to first: Most drug dealers are black and are in poor neighborhoods; Most users are white from middle-class neighborhoods. Cops could bust the white folk by profiling them when they drive in to poor black neighborhoods where drug deals happen out in the open. In fact, they do bust users using just that tactic, but it doesn’t make news. Nobody seems to question the use of profiling against whites. However, the guns and violence are not in the hands of white young people, they are in the poor black neighborhoods where huge stashes of untraceable commodity is turned in to huge stashes of untraceable cash.

The media circus begins by reporting that blacks are killing blacks and that gun violence is to blame. The feel good crowd expects more to be done and the PC crowd insists that society is neglecting blacks. The cops are asked to do more, which they do, and then the PC crowd takes exception with the extra “percentage” of busts and profiling of blacks. So the cops are left having to chose between doing what they know will work or safeguarding their career. Unfortunately, due to PC pressure, it works out that the cops become less effective, criminals become more brazen, and violent crime levels increase. But it can’t be PC, noooo, it must be parenting that causes the problem.

So what about parenting has changed in recent decades – perhaps the family unit of a mom, a dad, and the kids, are now the mom OR dad, and the kids. Kids need structure and rules. Passing your kids off to others (or to TV/violent TV) to raise them does not provide the necessary structure, nor are single parent homes as effective – as politically incorrect as that may be to say. It can’t be that a single parent is disadvantaged without a partner to provide relief and aid in setting standards of conduct, any militant feminist will gladly point out how they don’t need a man around. No, the issue must be the kids.

Kids are a lot of work, and a single parent can become overwhelmed. But no worries, all that extra energy and defiance your kid has is not your fault, its ADHD, and there is a pill for that. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that the clock should be turned back to a time where women feel that they had to be submissive slaves to heavy handed patriarchs. However, our society needs to reflect on how things are today and if the new ways of thinking is really leading our society down a brighter path.

Perhaps it is time to let cops do their jobs, reform education so that kids can excel where they might, and inflict upon the family unit some old fashioned structure and lessons in morality, instead of relying on drugs to affect PC conformity. One need not be exceptional at math and science to apply normative reasoning with regard to the blaming of guns for the ills of society. One does not fix societal ills by making symptoms of those ills illegal. One addresses the root causes. As such, it makes no sense to make guns illegal, and far more sense to reject ill conceived and often contradicting nonsense that is political correctness. – 4,600 media articles linking anti-depressent drugs to crime and death. A phenomenon effectively being swept under the rug.


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  1. Ciccio permalink

    Here’s some fun figures, courtesy of the US census;
    13% of kids are in gifted or advanced programs.
    44% of those kid’s parents have advanced degrees
    24% of those kid’s parents don’t have advance degrees.
    12% are from single parent households.
    That translates as the kid from the single ghetto mother has maybe a 1% chance of making it.

  2. Ciccio permalink

    I always finish my thinking long before I do my writing.
    I meant to write that those 24% parents without degrees are married .

    • Understood. And what the PC crowd will try to insist upon is that it is society’s fault somehow that only 1% of the ghetto kids will spring board out of the ghetto mentality. To suggest that the parent and the ghetto mentality collective is having an undue influence on the kids, would be met with gasps and outrage.

      Where does Jr. get all that rage if the privileged class is miles away in their ivory towers?

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