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One Nation Under ‘God’?

June 28, 2011

So recently, much todo over NBC’s displacement of the words “under God” from the American Pledge of Allegiance has sparked a fair bit of controversy.

On the one side are those who believe that the church and state are two entirely different entities, and an insistence that they should remain that way. On the other hand are those, namely of the Christian faith, who insist that America was founded on Christian sensibilities, and that excluding those sensibilities is what has lead to the decay of America’s moral fabric, and that now is the time to re-institute God and God’s laws as a basis for governance.

As for me, I’m all in favor of the separation of church and State, as far as having a State sponsored religion. However, lets face it, most laws mirror the moral conscience of a society, which are, in large part, the defacto premises derived from its prevailing religion.

For example, in some cultures, there is no such thing as marital rape. In some countries ruled as a theocracy, there are no laws about marital rape. In America, there are marital rape laws, as the moral cloak of America lends toward equality for all. Between these two types of governance, while both may have laws rooted in a specific religion, are two polar opposite views and codes of morality.

Atheists and many liberals will suggest that one need not believe in religion or a god to know the difference between right and wrong, but I suspect that that is only partially true. Atheists in America have, by virtue of the laws enforce around them, a moral gauge predefined. If the knowledge of right vs wrong were so innate, why would there be such difference, (sometimes radical difference), in culturally accepted practices – ie… honor killings? In some countries, family honor is ranked higher than an individuals right to life. In ancient orient, suicide was seen as an honorable way to save family honor, while in parts of the mideast, family members may kill another to save family honor. In each of these cases, the deaths were/are not viewed as being immoral.

I also point to the moral decay that has been so increasingly prevalent with our youth ever since the “new aged” agenda has practically destroyed our education system. How has attacking morality in schools aided America as a whole?

I suppose to some extent, there are those who would wish to see America exclusively labeled “Christian”, for which the only acceptable governmental reference is ‘God’. In the grand scheme of things, I think what most people are familiar with when it comes to describing the source of moral wisdom, is the word God. As such, the exclusion of that particular word is not viewed as an attack on Christianity as much as an attack on moral guidance.

So, while I believe that the government should remain religiously neutral, to suggest that government itself should not be influenced by moral premises afforded from a religious context, is to grievously underestimate the importance, to any community, that its codes of conduct reflect the collective spiritual well being of each individual.

BTW, for point of reference – I don’t subscribe to a specific religion. I’m a deist, with the exception that I believe that the spirit world does interact with mankind. Spirituality is the basis for which one pursues religion. Spirituality is the individual journey to understand life from a creationist perspective, and acceptance of ideals which lend toward responsible behavior toward others and achievements toward self actualization and enlightenment.

Perhaps the exclusionists, rather than trying to eliminate moral deity from government, should simply replace the word ‘God’ with a neutral Politically Correct word. One that will remind them of the role of spirituality in maintaining a righteous moral code.

I rather like the native Indian term “the Great Mystery”. Not only does in reflect all Judea based religions concept of mankinds inability to know God fully, it has the additional benefit of describing with utmost clarity most Americans understanding of how anything actually gets done by our government.

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