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The Lost Principles of Liberty

July 4, 2011

 This Independence Day weekend, a friend posted a facebook video of a reporter doing an interview/pop-quiz to beachgoers on some beach in California. I don’t recall which beach, but then, I highly doubt that it matters. My impression is that this could be most any venue in which a large segment of the 20-somethings would be congregated enmasse.

The question posed was a simple one – “What do we celebrate on July 4th – independence from who?” Ummmmmm, ahhhhhhhhh, I dunnooooo, were the responses from those who would actually attempt to articulate a response at all. It would seem that the most significant event in American history is all but forgotten. I have to wonder, is it even taught in school anymore?

For those who need a quick refresher, here’s the straight scoop. A whole bunch of people around the world became so fed up with elitist kings causing their lives to be miserable through real high taxes, religious atrocities, and serious human rights violations, that they jumped on boats and cruised to the “promised land” in order to escape the dictatorial kings that treated them badly. After spending some time settling in America, the king of England decided that he was going to call America his land too, and that he was going to tax the crap out of people here too. Agents and military for the king were already here, and started killing and torturing people who opposed being ruled. At great risk to themselves, America’s founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, basically telling the king to shove it, America was its own country, and it will be a free country, not ruled by a king. The king of England was not amused, and sent military to kill all those who would oppose his dictatorial rule – he lost, and on July 4th, America celebrates winning its freedom as an independent country. With me so far? Good. But unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

You see, Europe is namely an “almost” socialist political system now. Socialism sounds all good in theory – everybody is equal, the government takes care of everything for everybody, etc, but in practice, it does not work out well in the end. Since people don’t get anything for going above and beyond, then people end up not doing much, and you end up with most people on the government payroll with few people paying taxes to support everyone else, who, just don’t really give a damn. Soon, that system collapses, and there is no one left to take care of everybody.

Our founding fathers were very smart people, which is why they created the type of government that America is founded on today. Its not perfect, but then, none are. But these people were a whole lot smarter than the idealist feel-good crowd who thinks that everybody will just do the right things, because…well, just because. They don’t really have any answers as to the “what ifs”, they just think everything will magically work out. See, they are not near as smart as our founding fathers.

What our founders decided is the best system is one in which people are always free to elect who they want to represent them; one in which freedoms are protected via law and the right to overthrow a government that becomes a dictatorship; one in which you get what you work for; and one in which other people aren’t allowed to forcibly tell you what you will believe.

Now, ask yourself this – Who and why might a group of socialist do-gooders not want you to know these facts?

Satellite imagery has confirmed that all of the earth’s livable land masses are now known and spoken for. There is no other “promised land” in which to start anew. That means, boys and girls, that we must protect the current land of the free today and everyday after. For while some may have well intentioned ideas, to remove any part of the Constitution is to remove freedoms from America in the future – a future where those who would impose their will on American citizens may do so for less than admirable reasons.


And now, for you socialist minded, freedom hating minions who didnt pay attention in history class, (nor reading class):




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