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Yukari Mihamae – The new Rosa Parks

July 18, 2011

Rosa Parks is a well known civil rights activist, not because she carried a bull horn and shouted from the roof tops about racial injustice, but simply because she made the personal choice to act, at great risk to herself, against the injustice and indignity of Jim Crow laws. Instead of sitting at the back of the bus, as per law, she refused to be classified as anything less than a full fledged citizen of these United States, with the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.

A seemingly minor act by today’s standards – simply sitting in a seat toward the front of a bus – but back then, such an act could result in anything from jail time, to mob brutality.

As American’s, one by one, continue to be groped by TSA at airlines, one woman, one frequent flyer, one person, having suffered one indignation too many, decided that enough was enough.

Yukari Mihamae, a 61-year-old woman said that she was fed up with being manhandled by security screeners at airports. After refusing to be subjected to further humiliation at the hands of a government run amok, she stood her ground in an altercation that would end with her arrest for allegedly touching the breast of a TSA agent – an action that brought about charges of FELONY SEXUAL ASSAULT; an action of touching in an area considered one of the most private areas for a person; an area which law abiding citizens are being required to allow the groping of, with impunity, by a government agency empowered through an unconstitutional act of Congress – the Patriot Act.

Yukari Mihamae was arrested after allegedly groping and squeezing the agent’s breast at Phoenix Airport on Thursday. She states, “I go through security every week, and every week there is some problem,” denying the charge.

The US Department of Homeland Security has defended the arrest by stating, “The agency will not tolerate assaults against its workforce,” a spokesperson said.

Hey, Congress, what about the dignity when assaults occur against law abiding citizens of these United States of America?!!

While I am not an advocate of violence, and while I hold no particular disdain for the individual TSA agent, I believe the events as unfolded are justified. I also believe that most people do not see this as a grope of an agent, but rather a justified “grope back” of TSA and a pattern of abuse by a government that has stepped over the line.

To that end, Ron Paul, (regardless of what you may think about his politics), seems to have at least one issue straight, and that is his introduction of the American Traveler Dignity Act.

Perhaps this single Rosa Parks moment, brought to us by a true Patriot – Yukari Mihamae,  will be the catalyst that is necessary to fight the constant flow of injustice, which is one TSA grope after another. Perhaps this one act, by an individual who is no longer willing to go along with indignity like other sheep in travelers clothing, will be the moment in history when Americans tell Congress, “enough is enough”, and demand back their Constitutional rights.

God I hope so.

To you, Ms. Mihamae, my heart felt thanks and admiration.

BTW, there is a Facebook page setup in her support. FYI Facebook Acquit Yukari Mihamae page


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