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Orwell in a Box

July 22, 2011

Imagine living in a location where you were required to keep a key to your house in a lock box in front of your house. A lock box that is keyed the same for all your neighbors and businesses in the entire city. An access that is granted to any government worker that wanted it, and that criminals would likely end up getting.

Imagine living in such an Orwellian society, where a government made such unauthorized access a law, that would result in legal ramifications if you disobeyed. Sounds like the makings of some post apocalyptic B movie, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it is all too real for a community in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where a city council, lacking any knowledge of Constitutional law, passed an ordinance under the auspices that it is for the public’s own good. (See video below).

Like most idealists who lack the common sense to recognize reality and the potentially devastating outcomes from implementing such misguided initiatives, the council members sat unphased by one logical objection after another.

In their arrogance, they sincerely felt as though, based solely on the misguided premise that they are free to enact any law that they want to if they feel it is in the “best” interest of their population, that the opinions of their constituents and Constitutionality of such laws are meaningless.

America, we are failing in our duty to educate our children about Constitutional law. We are failing to elect representation which abides by Constitutional law and who fear atonement for overstepping the mandates of the positions to which they are elected. We are becoming far too apathetic to the continuous attack on our rights as a free nation. However, and most importantly, we are not accepting our own responsibilities as free men and free women to understand democratic freedom, and to protect the laws of our land.

It is time to wake up America. It is time to read and understand Constitutional law and the importance of each part of it. It is time to exercise our rights, and insist that our politicians abide by them, or be ousted. It is time to elect political leaders who will work toward the same end.


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  1. vtmawhinney permalink

    If I did not see the video, I would not have believed it could be true. Can’t imagine who how these people got elected. It may have something to do with America’s increasing failure to teach the history and basic principles of its existence over the past 40 years or so.


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