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Polygamy and Modern Realities.

August 2, 2011

Once upon a time when the world was in a constant state of tribal warfare, a certain commodity existed in plenty – that being women. As men killed each other off in droves, there were naturally a large number of unmatched women. Such unbalanced numbers and the need to “pop out” more warriors, naturally lent toward the culturally accepted, (and at times religiously recognized), practice of polygamy. It was a more honorable way of mating in such medieval times.

Thankfully, times today are much less harsh. People don’t fear being eaten by dinosaurs, the world is no longer made up of small tribes that hunt each other over resource competition, and natures formula of 51% female to 49% male birthrates has created a near perfect balance between male/female matches. There are, of course, some counter issues that affect that balance, but overall, the scale is fairly balanced in these modern times.

However, the concept of polygamy has not been met with the same doom as has the times which set the dark ages apart from the rest of world history. Its practitioners hide behind religious fronts to justify a livelihood of lust, greed, and gluttony. From a modern perspective, polygamy has no other merit, and in fact, is more easily argued as being detrimental to a modern society.

The first problem with polygamy is gender inequality. The same religious pretexts to defend such family arrangements are one sided in that it is only acceptable for a man to marry multiple females, but not the other way around. For a woman to have multiple partners would be considered criminal within these religious cults, as it would be considered a sin, and the woman a slut. Why is it ok for a man to be a slut but not a woman?

The next issue with polygamy is simple mathematics. Since the number of babies born are near equal male vs female, for a man to take extra mates leaves that many men without mates. For the mathematically challenged, if a man has 4 wives, that leaves three (3) men with no wives, no mates, no outlets for the sexual desires, no chance at a family life, and no fulfillment that is afforded by having a family. History is filled with examples of what happens when a large percentage of men are left angry and unfulfilled – it’s called war.

The third issue relates to who is the lucky winner of multiple wives, which is namely the more wealthy and powerful. In the ages past, one need only be able to feed one’s family to be considered a caregiver. Modern times have made the financial burden to upkeep a family much more dramatic. In the parts of the world where polygamy is practiced in large part, the young men who go without wives tend to be the poor and those with no political connection. In Utah, Colorado, and other locations where the LDS have made polygamy a way of life, many young men, (even as young as 13yo), are cast out of their communities in order to assure less competition for the young girls reaching the age of their menstrual cycles.

This leads to the fourth and probably most heinous part of polygamy, and that is how commonplace age discrepancy can be in polygamous societies, where ‘not quite’ mature girls are married off to much older men before they have a chance to develop and experience social relations with men their own age. The average age of pregnancy in the US for polygamist wives is 14. Fourteen years old is hardly considered an age of maturity in a modern society, but under the lustful and sex driven polygamous cultures, the wellbeing and maturity of a young girl is given less weight than the man’s sexual gratification and the greedy need for more objects of sexual gratification.

The fifth issue with polygamy relates to the inevitable oppression women experience when they are part of a polygamous society. With all of those unattached, young, and sexually more desirable men out there, a middle-aged man must no doubt feel great concern that his young (and at times teenaged) wife might stray from his corral of gluttonous lust. Such conundrums can lead to the type of paranoia that would result in the covering of his sexual chattel with veils and drapery; the imprisonment of the females physical selves in land structures so as to prevent potential access to other men; the censorship of communication between the outside world and his objects of greed; and finally, the psychological oppression needed to enforce these restrictions through mechanisms such as violence, guilt, constant pregnancy (the highest birthrates per female is in polygamous families), and shame through religious pretexts.

It does not take a rocket scientist to imagine how a wide spread polygamous practice in modern times can lead to fighting, civil unrest, and even war. In America, polygamous families hide behind the welfare system in order to maintain separate households. In America, Mormons, and increasingly Muslims, legally marry one wife and then “spiritually” marry other wives, leaving the tax payer to fund the “single mothers” who are actually the spousal other in a polygamous relationship. An estimated one third of welfare recipients who are single mothers are shared domestic chattel.

Psychologically, jealousy or fighting is not considered an issue, claim many “sister wives”, as these women are raised to be passive and subordinate to others, especially to their husbands. In contrast to what polygamist wives say, this article explains that women living under polygamist arrangements are far more likely to have physical and psychological problems (such as paranoia) compared to women in traditional relationships.

Finally, as a tax payer, I am not the least bit pleased to have any of my tax dollars being spent so that some dude can keep a harem of wives, of which he really cannot afford, in order to satisfy his lust, gluttony, and sexual perversion. End the welfare support of polygamy now! I am unconditionally opposed to funding that which serves to only destroy a society.

An interesting perspective on what polygamy does in a society as a whole – follow this link

If God had intended polygamy, why aren’t birthrates of females multiple times greater than that of males?

  1. I support polygamy 100% and look forward to the day that it becomes legal in the same way that homosexual marriage seems to be sweeping the country. I don’t know where u got your birthrate figures from but any deer hunter, wildlife biologist or person with two working eyes know that females outnumber males by about 3 to 1 in nature. Why do u think eastern races abort female babies so frequently? And why do you think our own society and culture has been so watered down and weakened by what is acknowledged as a “kinder and gentler” sentiment and has neutered modern males in this country?

    (1) Women in modern society due to laws and policies have supplanted men in key social positions bringing their own personal views into policy making that conflicts with traditional masculine tendencies(How many male school principals do u know?) (2) We have subordinated ourselves not only to an oversold rule of law, we have set lawyers up as end all arbiters who we bend our knee to as if they are infallible. The natural male instinct to act in correcting a problem has been tempered, adjusted and controlled by the “rule of law” and modern technology.

    This is not how things were meant to be and eventually nature will correct this but it is how imbalanced things have gotten in the modern western society. Polygamy is just one of the most basic and demonstrative expressions of God’s will and his long term plan for mankind.

    • Thanks for commenting

      Presuming you are not joking, this site for one demonstrates that the birthrates between males/females in the human species is very close to equal:

      I don’t quite understand your logic as pertaining to “watered down and weakened”, but I assume you are talking about survival of the fittest. Of course, in that regard, most people probably assume that the more muscular male is the “fittest”. However, anthropology proves that it was the more intellectual male that survived.

      BTW, statistically, the gender for school principles is also close to even. But perhaps what you have detected is an increased percentage of school principles now being women, which stands to reason since most teachers are women. Perhaps you subconsciously over exaggerate the percentile of women in positions of authority because you have some kind of an issue with women.

      I remain unconvinced that polygamy is intended by God. If it were, birthrates would not be near 50%, which it is.

  2. alkisnar permalink

    The model of polygamist relationships only apply to situations in which people strive to be chaste before marriage. The story below is one example in which polygamy would solve problems. I agree that it may be impractical in 50/50 situations but in order to actually hear my perspective please read the entry below with an open mind.

    in the Muslim world today

    Women who wait to get married in the west have major problems finding a mate in their later years. Not only are people taught that young marriage is out of the question, the notion of young marriage is falsely combined with false assumptions of abstinence in Islam and large impractical age gaps. The truth is that many young people who are seeking a chaste mate have trouble maintaining a relationship due to the ever growing age of independence caused by the system of education developed in the west.

    Women are taught that it is good to get and education without getting married first, and boys are taught that women who wait to get married are not good mates when compared to younger women. Boys are also taught that in order to get married they must complete their education and become financially independent. Beyond the perceived limitations of marriage in regards to finance, many Muslim families falsely assume that abstinence is a virtue in Islam so they expect their young child never to even think of sex until after schooling is completed.

    Islam taught that people must get married after puberty and mental development, if they proceed to delay marriage then they are risking their state of well being. This means that abstinence was never a virtue in Islam because sex under the institution of marriage is promoted, and celibacy or abstinence are man made innovations. from an evolutionary perspective every organism will struggle to find a mate and reproduce, the strongest “will” within an organism pushes it to find a mate. The problem developed from this clash between perceived religion and actual religion plus science.

    The model today goes like this. Boys will have promiscuous relationships without marriage because they are taught that marriage is bad when young, This situation pushes them to have sex years before they are “comfortable” with maintaining a wife. Women are evolutionary more cautious when reproducing so naturally society would push the tenet of virginity much harder on females. Women are able to remain chaste for a longer period of time after puberty than males if given a choice.

    Most women are pushed to get an education, very few females are given the chance to marry at a young age with high quality males. This delay of marriage will automatically allocate their potential mating pool to a different class of males. Men who have established themselves and are good candidates of marriage will choose to marry younger women and look at older girls as a lower quality choice of mate. This is due to the fact that younger women have not gone through the struggle of chastity that older women have endured, and because of the double standard that people assume: women who wait are promiscuous, and its OK for men to lose their virginity but not women.

    So these older women are forced to look in a weaker pool of candidates or they must risk their fate and import a husband from overseas, both very risky situations for these women.

    The only solution that I can see is to deny the weaker men and promiscuous men from reproducing by eliminating their access to high quality females who are in search for a quality male. This may seem harsh but in reality these deadbeat losers are abusing the system of marriage within islam because of missing equalizer that Islam allowed called polygamy. These men understand that they can get married to anyone and will eventually reproduce no matter what. instead of allowing these deadbeats to leech of the hard work of chaste females, a system that would give a female [super bold] “more choices” would change the bleak outlook for women today. It would be infinitely better for a woman to marry a quality male with one wife rather than settle for a mentally disturbed, promiscuous, and deadbeat male with no wife. This model would push natural selection to choose traits from strong educated men and women while weeding out old traits from weaker candidates.

    Once balance is restored, and the population of men and women contain comparable candidates, only then would monogamy reign over polygamy.

    • I see several fundamental flaws in your commentary.

      1) Why does a women getting an education have to be exclusive of marriage or a monogamous relationship? – It doesn’t. Such a comment seems to reflect more on traditionalist religion which casts women solely in the role of married pregnant homemaker.

      2) By using a biological argument that men are naturally more prone to promiscuity and thus women are the ones that should be chaste, and then to argue Allah’s law with regard to quality of mates, is odd. You are saying that all women are pretty much all the same quality of individual, and that their only attribute is that of youth and virginity. You have subsequently provisioned women as being nothing more than a sex commodity for the more “deserving” man.

      3) And who is that “deserving” man? The one who’s family has lots of money, apparently. Based on your argument, you are saying that a young man who goes to college, gets an education, puts himself on an upwardly career path and finding success, is a “poor choice” and deadbeat, because he does not wed a girl right when she reaches puberty, close to his age. Thus burdening all girls to marry at puberty either to young men already born in to wealth who can afford a harem, or to much older men who have found success later in life; a success which is the only redeeming attribute for them to provide to their sex commodity.

      4) Your argument about importing men from overseas is also odd, not to mention the automatic assumption that someone seeking the companionship of someone else from another part of the world is automatically an undesirable person. I am guessing that your main concern is that said man would not hold the same values as you – religion perhaps? So only someone who is the “right” religion is acceptable, I guess.

      5) The last statement is truly remarkable. The notion that “bad qualities” in men are genetic and will be eliminated after a long period of reproduction dry spells, is laughable. Especially given your belief that money is one of the main “good” traits.

      Wow. Just, wow.

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