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Evil’s Religion

August 29, 2011

A circle of blood, human sacrifice, screams of agony, and children in shackles. If one were asked to imagine what a religion of evil would look like, certainly these thoughts would come to mind, and rightfully so. Evil preys on innocence. Opportunity for exploitation is justified through victim blaming, as the absence of self monitoring espouses guilt free actions in any form, leading to atrocity ad nauseum.

The question is, would such a religion last long, and could it attract many followers? Surely the most insidious religion of evil would be one that is embraced readily by unsuspecting followers, as the most pure form of evil is not so easily recognized given its propensity toward stealth and deceit. In fact, religious texts throughout time warn that evil is but a wolf in sheep’s clothing, disguised in righteousness, but is as black as the night at its heart. Thus, false prophecy is the most likely form of evil’s religion. To recognize such evil is to simply know and recognize  the attributes of evil that will emerge from its en-cultured practitioners.

To appear righteous, the religion of evil will take from other religious texts, just as a wolf would take a sheep’s “clothing”. Borrowing from righteousness gives evil’s religion a sense of legitimacy, as its adherents will recognize the spiritual truth behind it. The main figure will initially appear to embody all that is true about righteous text. Remember, the path to righteousness is to know evil, and to walk away from it. The path to evil is to know righteousness, and walk toward evil.

Once evil has established a basic righteousness that will be recognized and accepted, it will then set out to lead astray those ideals, and replace them with its true form. The easiest way to recognize these methods are to compare them to mankind’s most predominant fallibilities, which include gluttonous levels of lust, envy, and the need for control. Unimaginably, what should be obvious to those with a righteous sense, will be blindness to the evil contradiction through rationality.

Since men are far more likely to engage in gluttonous sex and lust, men will be the benefactors of contradiction. The objects of their perversion, namely women and children, will bear the brunt of the fruits of evil. They will be made the objects of blame for a man’s lustful eye and eventual indiscretion, bearing the brunt of vicious punishment for simply being a woman or child – the objects of perversion. Again, evil preys on innocence and blames the victim. To maintain the illusion of legitimacy, a man will be prescribed some level of punishment, but custom will display a dramatic inequality in accountability.

Evil will insist that objects of lust must be controlled lest another man may become envious, and again, the objects of lust will be blamed for the envious eyes of other men. Such objects will be hidden and locked away. Their positions with in the culture of evil will be less than that of men, but their punishment for the evils of men will be greater than that of men. Women will have little say in the use of their bodies by men, but can be punished as if they did – such as in the case of rape, whether within or out of marriage. The sheep’s clothing will insist upon the righteousness of the situation through what will appear to be supportive reasoning, but in reality it will be oppression, and not submission to righteousness.

Evil despises knowledge and truth. As such, the culture surrounding the religion of evil will see attempts to suppress knowledge, education, and contradiction about the religion; and instead, it will promote the use of lies and deceit to further promote its ideals. It will want to control what types of knowledge and education are allowed, and to whom, with severe consequences to anyone who would question status quo and the teachings of the religion, usually declaring that to question the religion is to apostatize from it.

Evil’s religion will seek world domination. It will instill in its followers the premise that all of the world must adhere to its religion before some laudable goal is recognized. It may even suggest that evil actions are appropriate as long as it is in pursuit of this ultimate goal. Such actions may include lies, executions, war, beatings, raping, intolerance of any other religion, and even genocide. Since world domination is the ultimate goal, the risk of people leaving evil’s religion must be offset by incorporating certain strategies.

The first strategy is to declare apostates as deserving of the death penalty. Children born in to the families of those of evil’s religion will be declared automatic adherents to that religion, thus creating slaves to the religion out of anyone from the second generation on. Children will have little choices, and girls will likely be married off before they reach the maturity level needed to make decisions on their own. Women will not be allowed to marry outside of the religion, as women are the bearers of each new generation of slaves to the religion.

Similarly, individuality is replaced by a community based form of discipline, so that no single individual can take responsibility for their own thought and actions. The most pure form of evil is one in which an individual’s family will feel compelled to accept the responsibility for the thoughts and actions of the individual, resulting in family members enforcing religious punishment on the individual, up to and including murder.

Contradiction within evil’s religion, whether they are differing messages in texts or actions by adherents, must be explained away as issues to be decided by others. The individual will be prompted what to believe by religious leaders, and blind faith will lead to blindness of textual message. The main premise is that only the main character/prophet knows the truth from the most divine source; that it must be followed and never questioned; that contradiction was simply the will of the most divine and is of no concern to the submissive.

The final part of evil’s religion relates to servitude in aeternum. The most probable scenario will be one in which all previous prophets or sources of divinity are excused as corrupt, and that the final provision by the ultimate divinity has been prescribed via this religion for which there will be no other – a very convenient way to squash further contradictory texts. Evil’s culturally inspired pretexts will hold any new perspectives in utter contempt and will attempt to squash it through chastisement, oppression, violence, and even murder.

Beware Evil’s Religion.

A companion article, “When is religion peaceful”, can be viewed by following the link.

  1. acriticalchristian1971 permalink

    I can think of 3 ‘religions’ that abuse innocents.

    1 islam
    2 atheism
    3 occult

    Of those 3 I know islam is the worst of them all….

  2. Gonzo,

    You are a good writer my friend. I enjoy your work. You should consider writing for the hubpages as well. Scott

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