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OWS – Occupy Yourself

October 29, 2011

So, what is Occupy Yourself?

Simply, it is a response to some of the fringe elements of the Occupy Wall Street movement who blame corporations and the “1%” for all of their life’s woes. For the most part, OWS is critical of the way big business and the government embrace the buddy system at the expense of the average American. There is an elitist controlled systemic influence on the main stream media, public policy, the actions (or in-actions) of government oversight bureaus, and market fluctuations. Further, corruption is rampant in Congress, the Constitution is under constant assault, small business (which creates TEN times as many jobs as big business) is crippled under unfair tax burdens that big business eludes with designer loopholes, and our health and well being is affected by so many angles of corporate greed that one could dedicate an entire encyclopedia set to them. Those basic premises, while true, do not reflect the issues in their entirety.

And then there is the OWS fringe with a variety of other complaints.

And among all of the complaints from the other various OWS crowds, the one element that has yet to be blamed is us. That’s right US…as in you, me, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and everybody else’s – that us; that yourself.

I hear complaining about big business shipping jobs overseas, but who was it that has been out there buying all that cheap crap made in China? – that’s right, YOU. Today, it is almost all made overseas. But not so long ago, YOU had a choice. Buy a brand made in America, or save a couple bucks and buy the brand made in China – which did you chose? You and most of the other you’s opted to buy the cheaper item, forcing businesses to follow suite or go out of business. YOU are to blame for that. YOU were the consumer that made that conscience choice. YOU caused the outsourcing epidemic, as YOU could have stopped it by making the conscience effort to buy only that which was made in this country. But YOU were driven by greed – that’s right, the very same affliction you want to place on the 1% applies directly to YOU. YOU decided to reward corporations who outsourced jobs, throwing your fellow Americans under the bus. YOU could have done the right thing, but YOU chose not to.

You want to complain about Walmart and how it has all but eliminated the mom and pop type stores, but who is out there buying from Walmart instead of the small business owner – ding, ding, ding, that’s right, once again it was YOU. YOU made the conscience choice to save a few bucks at Walmart instead of supporting your neighbor in their store just down the street. YOUR greed once again put your fellow American straight in the path of the runaway bus.

I also hear comments from the fringe about energy issues. Now, let me ask you, who is buying all of those cars that get really bad fuel mileage? – look in the mirror my friend, and point your finger, because it was YOU. YOU are the reason that the roadways are jammed with big honkin’ SUV’s and similar types of vehicles that suck fuel like Wall Street execs suck dry retirement funds. YOU made the choice of what kind of vehicle to buy, YOU drive in a way that expends more fuel than need be, YOU don’t plan your day so as to maximize travel efficiency, YOU opt to waste energy running the AC while driving with the windows down.

You continue to buy out dated forms of lighting, YOU continue to leave lights on, YOU insist on buying monster size TV’s and other appliances that waste energy. YOU don’t insulate your home’s as well as you could, and YOU act with total disregard toward those less fortunate by using so much energy that it runs up the price making it less affordable to those who’s incomes are at poverty levels.

You sit back and complain about the news and mainstream media, yet YOU continue to tune in to their shows, YOU don’t support alternate news sources, YOU don’t communicate your dislikes directly to the companies involved, and YOU continue buy the products advertised by those channels during those news shows.

You practically foam at the mouth when talking about our politicians, but YOU continue to vote for the same type of politician, YOU buy in to the media bias against non-elitist controlled candidates, YOU buy in to the media bias against the creation of a third political party that would actually look out for the best interest of the middle-class. YOU are a supporter of the crooks and liars so blame YOURSELF.

You complain about the business practices of a host of different business and then YOU go out and support them with your money. YOU do not exercise your right and the capitalist tenant of electing to take YOUR business elsewhere.

You demand education, and yet despite an unprecedented level of access to information YOU are content to fill your days engaged in despicable media programming that does little to impart knowledge and wisdom. YOU are to blame for limiting the type of input to your mind. YOU have made those decisions. YOU could be reading books and supporting your local library, but YOU refuse to engage in academic pursuits. YOU even squander that opportunity when YOU are smack dab in the middle of college campus with a program laid out for you. YOU were the one that would rather party it up than devote your energies toward academic excellence.

You complain about the success of others, but YOU refuse to take the chances that others have who become successful – a chance that may provide YOU the opportunity to run a company the way YOU want to, and giving YOU expendable monetary resources that YOU could then spend in the method of YOUR utopian ideology. But YOU don’t.

I could cover a lot more assertions by the fringe OWS movement, but I hope that you have gotten the point. You were party to this all. So as you formulate plans of action and demands for changes, don’t forget to consider where YOU should be doing something different.

I do not mean to imply that the 1% are blameless – on the contrary. *Some* of them are cheats and liars who go out of their way to screw others for their own gain. Of course, not all wealthy people are that way. However, in the pursuit of fairness, don’t forget to consider your own part in the making of the current mess of things.

¡Viva la Revolución!



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  1. vtmawhinney permalink


    This blog is a therapeutic “kick in the seat of the pants” for all of us.

    I would suggest that we not forget the greed of the various unions that have driven the price of many American made good so high as to price themselves right out of the market place.


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