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Atheism Logic & Math

January 12, 2012

I’ve heard from atheists that the idea of an all knowing all powerful omnipotent being is unbelievable fantasy. I must admit, to a person of reason and logic, such a thought tends to stretch the imagination. So I thought I would address the issue with logic, and there is no better place to start than the very beginning.

CREATIONISM: God created the heavens and the earth.

ATHEISM: It happened all by itself without outside influence. The prevailing wisdom currently lends toward the Big Bang Theory. So lets begin:

1) In the beginning, there was absolutely nothing. How should we know that? Because before there can be something, it must first be created. Logically, it makes no sense to believe that everything already existed forever before. So we start with nothing, nada, NULL.

2) From nothing, all current mass in the universe came in to being. Thus, mathematically stated, [NULL + NULL /m], (or stated differently, Nothing + Nothing = almost infinite amount of mass. I say almost infinite because the amount of mass we are talking about here is beyond our comprehension).

3) Since the creation or conversion of any form of mass requires energy, there would also have had to have been a very large infusion of an equally substantial amount of energy. Thus, mathematically stated, [NULL + NULL ≈ ∞/ epsilon], (or stated another way, Nothing + Nothing almost equals a near infinite amount of energy). Now, this is something of a bewilderment, as a completely empty space has no sources of energy. There are no suns, quazars, black holes, radiations, etc. There is nothing. Thus, no substantial masses to even create gravity.

4) Now, apparently after all of this mass was created with an immense amount of energy, it was either stuck together with such force that it immediately exploded, or it came together with such force that it imploded on itself before exploding in to the expanse that is the current day universe. Of course, that suggests that the newly formed matter that appeared from nothing was suddenly affected by gravitational energy that never before existed. Thus, [NULL + NULL = a ∞ moment of inertia (I)] presuming a mean free path whereby conditions of near perfect and near infinite critical velocity from immeasurable culminations of matter resulted in the critical mass necessary to release all of the matter simultaneously without having first attempting to employ the phenomenon known as equilibrium, and simply dispersing under the pressure of the first mega-gazillion tons of pressure.

5) At this stage, all of that mass is now shooting through space in an outward expanse. During this expanse, it somehow finds time to mingle around with each other and form various types of inorganic molecules. The inorganic molecules then combine either magically or from magic pixie dust, and form in to living organisms. Thus [Inorganic mass + Inorganic mass = Organic mass].

6) These simple single cell organisms decide that they need arms and legs, and grow them. This was an amazing feat for them, as they did not have the DNA blueprints to do it. Thus, it is presumed that such instances were actually accidental anomalies. Further, the accidental anomalies that grew two legs and two arms then became dinasaurs. Apparently, all of the anomalies that had three legs, or 7 legs and 1 arm, or 5 legs and 2 arms, etc, didn’t survive. Only the designs that make sense survived, except for some anomalies to the anomalies, such as centipedes and Hollywood producers.  Thus, [single cell anomalous freaks of nature + single cell anomalous freaks of nature = almost exclusively four armed/legged animals, or plants that don’t have arms or legs].

7) And finally, one of the anomalies evolved to have a brain that thinks up reasons why God can’t possibly exist.

So to summarize, in the absence of intelligent design, first there was absolutely nothing, which resulted in the presence of everything, which crammed itself together with such force that it exploded so fast and furious that it blew apart so fast and far that it came together to form various lifeless minerals, that rubbed together to start lifeforms, of which the freaky ones became dinasaurs, mammals, fish, plants, and humans who then logically realized how it all works.

Yeah, sounds real believable to me.

One Comment
  1. Many things we don’t agree on but this one is a definite yes 🙂

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