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Red Tails, the still Untold Story

January 12, 2012

George Lucas, by any other definition, is a trail blazer.

It was he who required theaters to upgrade their equipment if they were to show certain Star Wars flicks. It was he who created the demand which has resulted in an enriched movie going experience enjoyed still today. It is he who broke Hollywood’s “rules”, demonstrating that success can be achieved through merit in product, and not backing by bean counters.

As such, I am astounded at how narrow minded Hollywood appears to be regarding the anticipated release of yet another groundbreaking motion picture which promises to set more standards in the motion picture business.

Red Tails is a film which documents the patriotism and success of an all black air unit in WWII. The main cast, like the actual unit, are all black. The way Hollywood is treating the film is at best all green, (as in money), and at worst a demonstration of back handed racism. It seems that Hollywood has declined to back this film, as they cannot see past the color black or green.

To be sure, I am all for businesses having the freedom to do what they believe is in their best interest. I also don’t believe that a business should be forced to take a risk just in the name of political correctness. Idealism and capitalism are often polar opposites. But I have to admit, when watching this video, I got a sinking feeling in my gut.

It bothers me that the Hollywood types tend to be liberal propagandists, but in the end of this day, they purvey racism. Has Lucas not proven himself a worthy gamble to the Hollywood clowns yet?

It bothers me most that this promises to be a well written, well acted, well directed, and uplifting flick that promises to break new ground, and we may never know just how fully accepting the public will be.

Perhaps some elitists don’t actually WANT it known how far our society has come regarding race and acceptance, as that would under-mind the liberal mantra and the socialists desire to make us all conform to their way of thinking, as if we couldn’t on our own, and need them to tell us what to think and how to behave.

Perhaps the public really is not mature enough yet to embrace a film which excels in every other way except for some arbitrary racial quota as set by Hollywood. Given the crap that seems to flow out of Hollywood these days though, I’m betting that it is Hollywood that has yet to mature.

I rarely publicly endorse any flick.
I will make an exception in this case.


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One Comment
  1. vtmawhinney permalink


    I look forward to seeing Redtail!

    Thanks for the heads-up.


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