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Racist – Reblog

February 3, 2012

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I want to reblog this article, as it touches on similar types of posts I’ve done as well. Political Correctness has been hijacked to be a tool of oppression, and yet those oppressed by it remain gleefully unaware of the perpetuation of their own self-imposed limitations. The ideal of America as a melting pot of cultures cannot reach full realization until everyone is free to embrace mixed forms of culture without being targeted by their “primary” group, whether that group is racial, religious, or national.

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Cultural Survival Skills


This profane and damning epithet is normally applied to white people.

A black  friend of mine  once told me that blacks cannot show racism to whites because the blacks were disenfranchised and the whites have more power.

I objected to this definition because with it, whether racism has or has not  occurred, depends entirely upon whether the harmful actions of mistreating a person of another race is because you have more power than they do.

This absurd definition of racism is a handy and devastating tool  for those who are trying to advance a left-wing socialist political agenda. Using this definition, and using it to label hypothesized racial innuendos (“a dark cloud, “He is so articulate”, etc.) gains the power to destroy others with the empty but lethal label, Racist.

My definition of racism is behavioral. It is this: The mistreatmenting, or doing harm, to another person simply because of his or her race is racism. Anyone who does this, no matter their race, or the power…

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