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Evil’s Religion

A circle of blood, human sacrifice, screams of agony, and children in shackles. If one were asked to imagine what a religion of evil would look like, certainly these thoughts would come to mind, and rightfully so. Evil preys on innocence. Opportunity for exploitation is justified through victim blaming, as the absence of self monitoring espouses guilt free actions in any form, leading to atrocity ad nauseum.

The question is, would such a religion last long, and could it attract many followers? Surely the most insidious religion of evil would be one that is embraced readily by unsuspecting followers, as the most pure form of evil is not so easily recognized given its propensity toward stealth and deceit. In fact, religious texts throughout time warn that evil is but a wolf in sheep’s clothing, disguised in righteousness, but is as black as the night at its heart. Thus, false prophecy is the most likely form of evil’s religion. To recognize such evil is to simply know and recognize  the attributes of evil that will emerge from its en-cultured practitioners.

To appear righteous, the religion of evil will take from other religious texts, just as a wolf would take a sheep’s “clothing”. Borrowing from righteousness gives evil’s religion a sense of legitimacy, as its adherents will recognize the spiritual truth behind it. The main figure will initially appear to embody all that is true about righteous text. Remember, the path to righteousness is to know evil, and to walk away from it. The path to evil is to know righteousness, and walk toward evil.

Once evil has established a basic righteousness that will be recognized and accepted, it will then set out to lead astray those ideals, and replace them with its true form. The easiest way to recognize these methods are to compare them to mankind’s most predominant fallibilities, which include gluttonous levels of lust, envy, and the need for control. Unimaginably, what should be obvious to those with a righteous sense, will be blindness to the evil contradiction through rationality.

Since men are far more likely to engage in gluttonous sex and lust, men will be the benefactors of contradiction. The objects of their perversion, namely women and children, will bear the brunt of the fruits of evil. They will be made the objects of blame for a man’s lustful eye and eventual indiscretion, bearing the brunt of vicious punishment for simply being a woman or child – the objects of perversion. Again, evil preys on innocence and blames the victim. To maintain the illusion of legitimacy, a man will be prescribed some level of punishment, but custom will display a dramatic inequality in accountability.

Evil will insist that objects of lust must be controlled lest another man may become envious, and again, the objects of lust will be blamed for the envious eyes of other men. Such objects will be hidden and locked away. Their positions with in the culture of evil will be less than that of men, but their punishment for the evils of men will be greater than that of men. Women will have little say in the use of their bodies by men, but can be punished as if they did – such as in the case of rape, whether within or out of marriage. The sheep’s clothing will insist upon the righteousness of the situation through what will appear to be supportive reasoning, but in reality it will be oppression, and not submission to righteousness.

Evil despises knowledge and truth. As such, the culture surrounding the religion of evil will see attempts to suppress knowledge, education, and contradiction about the religion; and instead, it will promote the use of lies and deceit to further promote its ideals. It will want to control what types of knowledge and education are allowed, and to whom, with severe consequences to anyone who would question status quo and the teachings of the religion, usually declaring that to question the religion is to apostatize from it.

Evil’s religion will seek world domination. It will instill in its followers the premise that all of the world must adhere to its religion before some laudable goal is recognized. It may even suggest that evil actions are appropriate as long as it is in pursuit of this ultimate goal. Such actions may include lies, executions, war, beatings, raping, intolerance of any other religion, and even genocide. Since world domination is the ultimate goal, the risk of people leaving evil’s religion must be offset by incorporating certain strategies.

The first strategy is to declare apostates as deserving of the death penalty. Children born in to the families of those of evil’s religion will be declared automatic adherents to that religion, thus creating slaves to the religion out of anyone from the second generation on. Children will have little choices, and girls will likely be married off before they reach the maturity level needed to make decisions on their own. Women will not be allowed to marry outside of the religion, as women are the bearers of each new generation of slaves to the religion.

Similarly, individuality is replaced by a community based form of discipline, so that no single individual can take responsibility for their own thought and actions. The most pure form of evil is one in which an individual’s family will feel compelled to accept the responsibility for the thoughts and actions of the individual, resulting in family members enforcing religious punishment on the individual, up to and including murder.

Contradiction within evil’s religion, whether they are differing messages in texts or actions by adherents, must be explained away as issues to be decided by others. The individual will be prompted what to believe by religious leaders, and blind faith will lead to blindness of textual message. The main premise is that only the main character/prophet knows the truth from the most divine source; that it must be followed and never questioned; that contradiction was simply the will of the most divine and is of no concern to the submissive.

The final part of evil’s religion relates to servitude in aeternum. The most probable scenario will be one in which all previous prophets or sources of divinity are excused as corrupt, and that the final provision by the ultimate divinity has been prescribed via this religion for which there will be no other – a very convenient way to squash further contradictory texts. Evil’s culturally inspired pretexts will hold any new perspectives in utter contempt and will attempt to squash it through chastisement, oppression, violence, and even murder.

Beware Evil’s Religion.

A companion article, “When is religion peaceful”, can be viewed by following the link.


Fluoride is Poison

Fluoride is the toxic waste leftover from the manufacturing of aluminum and some fertilizers; has been DISPROVED to decrease cavities; has been PROVEN to cause cancer, bone density loss, and a host of other illnesses; is no longer being used in many country’s drinking water because of the risks; has caused the firing of employees in protection agencies who simply voiced concern about the health risks PROVEN by its use; and yet, America still forces upon its population mass exposure. Why? Who benefits? – Four very powerful industries benefit and that is aluminum and fertilizer manufacturers who not only don’t have the costs of disposing of their toxic waste, but actually sell it to municipalities who poison city water with it, the medical industries who treat the disease caused by unregulated consumption of it, and congress who gets huge bribes to prevent criticism of it.

Did you know that fluoride is a drug, and that many other drugs are pulled by the FDA if its consumption cannot be regulated dosage wise? – yet fluoride, a very toxic drug, by virtue of being added to drinking water, toothpaste, food, and in extreme dose at the dentist, is the most widely varied dosed drug on the planet.

Did you know that it is being put in processed food without your knowledge as it is not indicated in the ingredients list?

Did you know that USAF Major George R. Jordan testified before Un-American Activity committees of Congress in the 1950’s that in his post as U.S.-Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to “Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient.”

Did you know that the first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany’s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride’s supposed effect on children’s teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission.

Did you know that all the studies about the supposed benefits have been funded by the same manufacturing companies that would otherwise have to dispose of this toxic waste instead of being able to sell it?

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor, and web search fluoride poisoning, read, don’t buy the lies told by dentists who have been taught these lies in dental school, refuse fluoride for you and especially your children, insist that the dentist use 100% fluoride free products, and spread the word.

Know the facts (reprinted from here):

Studies show that fluoride in all its uses, including public drinking water, causes cancer:

  • The overwhelming evidence shows that fluoridation is causing an increase in bone cancer and deaths among males under 20.
  • The growing increase in bone cancer attributable to fluoridation may also be due to an increase in osteosarcoma caused by fluoride.
  • The overall preponderance of evidence shows that fluoridation is causing an increase in oral (mouth) cancer among human populations. Don’t use fluoride toothpastes, or give your dentist consent to do fluoride gel treatments or use fluoride polishing paste.

In the period from 1960 to 1975, a Mohawk Indian tribe in the Northeast U.S. was all but obliterated by fluoride contamination. Cows, fish and children all suffered from tooth and bone deformities caused by wastes from two major metals manufacturers. (Now all Indian reservations have fluoridated water!)
– “Fluoride: Commie Plot or Capitalist Ploy?” by Joel Griffiths

Fluoride is Highly Toxic: The fact is that fluoride is more toxic than lead and just slightly less toxic than the killer arsenic.
– Gary Null, The Fluoridation Fiasco

Use Non-Fluoride Toothpaste: Fluoride in toothpaste is absorbed through the lining of the mouth, and in only one or two brushings, a milligram of fluoride enters your body.
– Health Action Network

Fluoridation Increases Lead Contamination: Fluoride is used to leech lead from plumbing and water mains. In Tacoma, Washington, where lead content of water had risen above EPA limits, fluoridation was halted because of equipment failure. Officials were surprised at the subsequent 50% drop in lead contamination after the halt.
– Letter from C.R. Myrick, Water Quality Coordinator, Tacoma, WA

Fluoride Affects Immune Function: Because of its disabling effects on enzyme activity, fluoride reduces resistance against infection.
– Complementary Medical Research

Fluoride Adversely Affects Central Nervous System: Scientific studies link fluoride to learning disabilities and coordination problems.
– Townsend Letter for Doctors

Fluoride and Decreasing Birth Rates: Fluoride has been found to decrease fertility in studies of animals and humans.
– Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health

Highly Publicized Fluoride Studies Show Medical Mistake: The high doses of sodium fluoride used in clinical studies of this drug are known to lead to a condition called osteofluorosis. This means abnormal bone growth and calcification of tendons and ligaments. Although this may help prevent spinal fracture and compression, it also increases risk of hip fracture and causes arthritis-like pain.
– Open letter from John Lee, M.D., to C.Y.C. Pak, M.D., regarding Dr. Pak’s study on sodium fluoride in the Annals of Internal Medicine

Juice Drinks Contain Dangerous Levels of Fluoride: 42% of prepared juices contain toxic levels of fluoride. Grape juice is especially bad because of the fluoride-containing insecticides used on grapes.
– Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

Danger is Not Only in The Water But in Processed Foods: There are no regulations on fluoride content of processed foods. Many of these packaged foods are loaded with deadly fluoride.
– Health Action Network

Tooth Decay Decline Unrelated to Fluoride: Tooth decay has declined worldwide, with no difference between countries with or without water fluoridation.
– Health Action Network

The Sad, Unnecessary Epidemic of Dental Fluorosis: This disease, marked by tooth enamel malformation, mottled-discoloration and brittleness, affects up to 30% of children living in areas with fluoridated water. Only 10% of children in non-fluoridated locations have dental fluorosis.
– Public Health Service figures

H. Dean Changes His Mind and Retracts Fluoridation Endorsement!: H. Trendly Dean, the original promoter of water fluoridation, admitted under oath in 1955 that fluoride does not work as a remedy for tooth decay.
– Fluoride, Vol. 14, No. 3, July 1981

Study Reveals That Fluoride Causes Tooth Decay: Children in India who drank fluoridated water suffered from significantly more tooth decay than children who did not. Especially at risk were children with very little calcium in their diets.
– The Journal of the New Zealand Pure Water Association

Children Poisoned by Toothpaste: When fluoride toothpaste was first sold in the 1950s, warnings that it should not be used in children under six were eliminated from the package because they damaged sales! When two children in Tacoma, Washington, began to throw up every night before bed, doctors told the parents that their toothpaste was to blame. At last fluoride danger warnings are mandatory on all new fluoride toothpaste labels!
– The Fluoride Report

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not all time.”– Robert Carton, Ph.D., Toxicologist

Since 1996 these 11 Associations no longer endorse Water Fluoridation:

  • American Heart Assoc.
  • American Academy of Allergy & Immunology
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Activation Network
  • American Diabetes Assoc.
  • National Institute of Law Municipal Officers
  • American Chiropractic Assoc.
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Nat’l Kidney Foundation
  • American Psychiatric Assoc.
  • Soc. of Toxicology
“The survival of this fake controversy represents the major triumph of quackery over science in our time!”
– Landmark Article in Consumer Reports ’78

A Few of the Serious Health Disorders caused by Deadly Fluoridated Water:

  • Cancer in all its deadly forms
  • Digestive System Disorders
  • Ulcers & Colitis
  • Inability to Utilize Vit. B & C
  • Constipation & Nausea
  • Cirrhosis & Hepatitis
  • Kidney, Bladder & Urinary Disorders
  • Respiratory & Lung Disorder
  • Tuberculosis, Asthma, Sinusitis & Bronchitis
  • Circulatory Diseases
  • Arteriosclerosis, Heart Failure, Hypo & Hypertension
  • Varicose Veins & Coronary Thrombosis
  • Leukemia, Hemophilia & Anemia
  • Mental & Neurological Disorders
  • Neuroses & Psychoses, Polio & Multiple Sclerosis
  • Eye Diseases & Endocrine Dysfunction Cataracts, Glaucoma, Goiter
  • Impaired Gland Function: Adrenal, Thyroid, Sterility & Sex
  • Skin, Nail & Hair Conditions
  • Acne & Boils, Dermatitis & Eczema, Alopecia & Lupus
  • Bone & Joint Conditions – Osteoporosis, Bone Cancer
  • Arthritis, Swollen & Aching Joints
  • Teeth & Gum Diseases – Gum & Periodontal, Mottled & Darkened Teeth
  • Bone & Calcium Loss

Shocking Fluoride Facts

53% of the U.S. population drinks water containing fluoride, which is costing taxpayers billions of dollars, not only for the fluoride, but in added medical expenses!

41 of the 50 largest US cities have added fluoride to their drinking water. Los Angeles and San Diego are two of the lucky ones, but Gov. Wilson is trying to pass a fluoride bill for all California, which could bankrupt cities and their medical facilities!

Millions of gallons of this deadly poison are doing untold damage. If your area is fluoridated start action groups to stop this criminal action now – to protect and save the lives of yourself, your family and future generations!!!

Fluoride is a serious, long-term health Risk! Why take chances!!

“The kind of water you drink can make or break your health.”

This Book Can Save Your Life! (Water: The Shocking Truth)

To reserve a copy of this revealing book, please call Bragg Health Science toll-free: 1 (800) 446-1990

Links To Other Important Fluoridation Facts:

Article on Prison Planet

Re-nomenclatured Entitlements

The standard dictionary term for “entitlement” is to have the right to something that you earned, or otherwise have cause to insist that you are rightfully due. In government terms, it is a word to mean that you fit the guidelines for receiving money or tax credit from the government.

In America, the word “entitlement” covers a range of government give-aways, many of which do not meet with the same definition of the word – at least, not in most peoples minds.

The most familiar examples of entitlement programs at the federal level in the United States would include Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, most Veterans’ Administration programs, federal employee and military retirement plans, unemployment compensation, food stamps, tax credits, higher education assistance, and agricultural price support programs.

At the State and county levels, the most notable entitlements are Welfare, tax credits, or low income assistance programs for energy bills or child care.

Historically, there have been three specific reasons for entitlements, and that is to:

1) manage government ran benefit programs for gvt employees and military

2) take care of those who are unable to care for themselves or have reached the age of their golden years and society feels a sense of obligation to the elderly

3) as a temporary way to sustain able bodied individuals as they work toward self sufficiency.

A person who pays in to social security through a lifetime of work, *IS* entitled to receive their benefits at retirement. Any entitlement that relates to payouts after having payed-in to the system, is entitlement.

The problem with the word “entitlement” is its cross meanings and the way that receivership has increasingly viewed government hand-ups as hand-outs, and that such assistance should continue indefinitely, and at a level beyond the basic levels of necessity – that being food, shelter, and clothing.

A person who is not working  is *NOT* “entitled” to certain amenities such as cell phones, television, cable/satellite TV, automobiles, brand new clothing, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling money, expensive foods, single family houses, internet access, toys and games, gameboys, nintendo, playstation, computers, brand new furniture, travel expenses, or excessive amounts of anything.

A person is *NOT* “entitled” to being cared for by the tax payers indefinitely, simply because they chose not to work, or chose to pop out a bunch of kids and don’t want to be burdened with family planning and figuring out how they will care for their offspring.

The aforementioned things are called “charity”, not entitlements. The tax payers have been very charitable, but we grow weary over the increasing attitude by a small subset of people who seem to think that they are entitled to live better lives than those who work, yet without lifting a single finger to improve their own financial situation.

By the time one adds up the free medical, free housing, free food, free spending cash, free amenities, etc, the avg welfare recipient lives at an income level as that of someone drawing a $55,000 a year salary.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are those people who work hard, find themselves in a bad situation, and could use the help. They need and only really want (and sometimes not even want), temporary help until they can get back on their feet. I have no problem with that whatsoever. However, lets call it like it is – that is NOT entitlement, that is *CHARITY*, pure and simple. If they worked and payed in to a system setup up to provide such help when needed, great, give them the benefit.

However, to the career welfare bums, you are not entitled to a damn thing. Shut up!

And so, I suggest we change the word “Entitlement” to a more suitable nomenclature for certain types of handouts. Lets call welfare, lifetime salaries for politicians, and the like ‘Temporary Charity’, and then treat it that way.

Guilt Free White Man

I am a white man, and I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever for being so.

I feel no guilt over slavery, as it was not the white man who started it or even continue it yet today.

I feel no guilt over slavery, as the white man has worked hard to end it.

I feel no guilt over the short history of slavery in the USA, as there has not been any here for a very long time, and no one alive was either a slave or a slave owner.

I feel no guilt over prejudices, as all races of people accept and are influenced by prejudices. I control only that which is in my own conscience.

I feel no guilt when as a young man in college in a southern po-dunk town, the police would stop and watch me, but only when I was walking with my black friend. It was not me who was doing the profiling.

I feel no guilt over the portrayals of stereotypes of the various races of people that you see on TV, whether that portrayal is one of white people (as wealthy self-absorbed drama queens), black people (as angry, mouth wided-open animals), asian (as submissive yet intrinsically intelligent), latino (as lazy and uncivilized), or the indigenous indians (as TP dwellers, smoking pipes and recalling stories of the glory days). I feel no guilt over this, as I make the effort not to be influenced by what the media and modern music portrays people as.

I feel no guilt over being annoyed at those people who DO fall for hype, for I am not the white person who buys the media stereotype because they see *some* black people who also fall for the stereotypes and media hype, who walk around all angry and victimized, and then as a nonthinking white person, attribute that media nonsense to ALL black people.

I feel no guilt over the legitimate differences between the sexes, or the fact that women have to be the ones to be pregnant and bear children.

I feel no guilt over my hires and the make up of the people around me at the workplace, for I’ve treated everyone equally. I can be just as annoyed with someone regardless of the color of their skin or their gender, just like I can appreciate work ethic that rises to my standard, again, regardless of who they are.

I feel no guilt over my religious beliefs.

I feel no guilt for believing that the liberal propaganda that only white people can be racist, is full tilt BS.

I feel no guilt for believing that the recent rash in various cities around the country of flash mob attacks on white people by mobs of black youths is cowardly, injustice, and bona-fide hate crimes.I further feel no guilt for believing that this is the result of the liberal agenda, coupled with irresponsible journalism and media programing, and that more than likely, the youths are getting their heads filled with messages of hate from music, media, and at home.

I feel no guilt over believing that anyone, regardless of skin color, who attack others violently over racial hatred, should be caught, charged with a hate crime, and “spanked” hard for their offense, regardless of their excuses, and regardless of whether they are white, black, brown, or purple.

Finally, I will feel no guilt for asking my black son to do chores around the house – they were good enough for me to be asked to do by my loving and caring parents, they will be good enough for him to do too. And I won’t feel the least bit of guilt for not taking any lip from him over having to do chores. The character of a man, regardless of his skin color, is molded by the expectations others put before him, and then chosen by him as being that which will *be* him.

I know the character of the man my parents raised, and I feel no guilt over my chosen self.

An Argument for Flat Tax Rates

As America grapples with run away deficit, lowered credit ratings, government run amok, bleak job outlook, and corporate confusion, “uncertainty” is the word of the day. Businesses are uncertain about risks, the world is uncertain about America, and Americans are uncertain about what travesty will befall them next, especially at the hands of an intolerably disconnected government.

Now, more than ever, the American landscape is begging for stability. I believe that the best way to initiate a sense of stability is with flat tax rates, and a couple critical pieces of supportive legislation. Here is why.

The first thing to understand is the corporate tax rate. For the most part, but for all the loopholes, it would bankrupt even the most fiscally responsible company in no time. Huge mega corporation have found enough loopholes to the point that they pay virtually no taxes at all. But even then, they fear the closing of the loopholes, and have sent much of their operations overseas as a matter of self preservation.

The tax rate of 35% on corporations is insane on its face, and does nothing to solicit trust in the American government, nor a desire to maintain operations within America, nor to attract business to America. What makes it even worse is that States also charge corporate taxes up to 12% on top of that. Given that mega corporations pay virtually no taxes, the businesses that end up losing out are the smaller upstarts that are the backbone of the American business landscape.

The next thing to understand is personal income tax. Yes, the uber wealthy have a much higher tax rate than the middle-class, however, most of their income is capital gains which is taxed much lower. As a result, the uber wealthy actually pay about 1% less in taxes. Here again, the governments wheel of fortune tends to put the more wealthy on high alert, never knowing when their money stash will be attacked for more taxes. This impedes investment. The middle-class current pays roughly 17.5% and the uber wealthy about 16.5% on all income averaged out.

As of the time of this writing, and as I have experienced for myself, the tax laws are so huge and so convoluted, that not a single person seems to have a firm grip on them. This system is based more on insanity than sound fiscal policies.

What I propose is a flat income tax rate of 17% on all forms of income, including hourly, salary, capital gains, and retirements.

Further, to reverse the international outsourcing trends, a flat tax rate on corporate income at an internationally competitive rate of 6% with absolutely no loopholes, and regardless of where the labor is. If your operations are overseas, you still pay the tax.

The initial response from big business and the uber wealthy is likely to be that of criticism and resistance, but in the end, they will likely find the results favorable. Businesses don’t succeed if there is no one around to buy their products.

The next critical step is to enact two forms of legislation.

The first is to solidify the rates so that they cannot be changed at the whim of Congress. It is imperative that everyone be able to feel and maintain a sense of security so that they can plan. Along with cementing tax rates, minimum wage should also be left as is, never to be changed again. Minimum wage increases really don’t benefit anyone in the long run as they simply affect inflation to the point that the wage rate increases are left meaningless.

The second critical piece of legislation is a balanced budget protocol to never be encroached upon, ever. Deficit spending fouls the economy.

The main goal is stability. The best way to reach stability is to set rates and limits long term and at a rate everyone expects, can plan around, and is reasonable.

What Happened to Family TV

Several years ago, TV networks had what was called “ratings week”. This rating had a direct impact on how much money that network could expect to receive from advertising, so naturally, they wanted as many people to tune in to their channels during that week as they could muster. It was easy to know when ratings week occurred, as the programming became highly sexualized and answers to cliffhangers unfolded.

With today’s video delivery technology, networks have the ability to instantly deliver stats to advertisers, and so “ratings week” has turned in to a constant struggle by media outlets to attract viewership. Apparently, no target audience is immune from the “whatever it takes” mentality of TV execs who will use any tool, human drama, or vice to attract viewers – including our children.

One might think that a program filled with criminal activity, constant sexual overtones, soft porn, underaged teen lesbians making out, and mature subject matter would be the content found on daytime soaps and late night adult TV. Well, it is, and has been for awhile, as TV continues to gradually push the boundaries as to what is acceptable programming. But you wouldn’t expect to see such immorality in children’s programming, would you? What if I told you that not only is such programming being directed at children on a channel that dares to call itself a “family” channel, but that they have an entire line up of programs, aimed at children, with such mature subject matter. Would you be surprised, or would you just blow it off as simply a sign of the times?

Look, I’m no prude. I doubt that most people can say that they have reached the depths of human struggle and exploration of certain vices to the levels that I have. I have no doubt that I’ve become somewhat jaded to the suffering of others, especially that related to self-inflicted stupidity. Where I lack “religion”, I make up for with a sense of spirituality that has proven to be a guiding force to maintain a sense of normalcy. Perhaps these factors, coupled with my age and firsthand knowledge of how TV programming has developed over the years, has provided a basis that the younger generational viewers are not able to comprehend. Like the young generation, I now also have a toddler child. Unlike the new generation, I seem to view TV programming being aimed at children with a far more critical eye, and then set out to gauge its appropriateness. You see, I hope to raise a well adjusted child who is able to use critical thinking and a sense of morality that is necessary to prevent, or overcome, life altering bad decisions.  What I don’t want is a very influential media, such as television, to influence his sense of normalcy to the point that he takes the wrong paths upon reaching the various crossroads that will become his destiny.

TV programming used to lend toward this goal. Sure TV families had their struggles and hints of impropriety, but the writers also demonstrated the moral dilemma as an opportunity to make the right decision. At times, a show was real square, and so the TV world spiced things up a bit, but the overall premises of the shows were something you would want a child to take away, filing away in their brains for future reference. Today, the “spice” is practically all that these new programs are about, with little other content. Just constant conflict and tension among characters while depicting depravity as the new norm. To the likes of ABC ‘Family’, and your “new type of family“, I say thanks but no thanks. I’ve seen enough of that type of “new” family. I’ve witnessed firsthand the destructive nature of your new world order, and I want nothing more to do with it.

This dilemma is certainly not a new one, as each level of immorality on TV has spawned criticism. Supporters of increasingly violent and sexualized TV claim that it merely reflects what is in people’s minds, but does not affect it. I believe that argument to be shortsighted at best, and an outright lie at its worse. While it may be a reflection of what is in some people’s minds, it most certainly can influence thinking patterns in other people’s minds. Let’s be crystal clear about this – network TV’s moral decline has absolutely nothing to do with engaging the public in life lessons, and has everything to do with profits. The fact that people will justify their own children’s exposure to such programming so that they themselves can indulge in the depravity is proof of cultural narcissism and irresponsibility, not appropriate subject matter. The fact that studies about how fast paced and violent cartoons may actually lead to disorders in children, and yet young parents allow their children to watch such programming constantly, is testimony to how lax and self-centered parenting has become. This study concludes a link between increased sex on TV, and the rise in teen pregnancy. TV execs put these kinds of programs out there to keep your kids glued to the TV, not because it is wholesome entertainment for the child. Geesh people, get your heads out of your asses.

Even those films thought to be wholesome child entertainment is starting to engage is some despicable subversive messaging. This video snip from “The Little Mermaid” illustrates, during the wedding scene, the priest getting a hard-on when the bride approaches. If nothing else, people really should be asking, “What the hell are they thinking?!” And then tune out from their sick profiteering.

Polygamy and Modern Realities.

Once upon a time when the world was in a constant state of tribal warfare, a certain commodity existed in plenty – that being women. As men killed each other off in droves, there were naturally a large number of unmatched women. Such unbalanced numbers and the need to “pop out” more warriors, naturally lent toward the culturally accepted, (and at times religiously recognized), practice of polygamy. It was a more honorable way of mating in such medieval times.

Thankfully, times today are much less harsh. People don’t fear being eaten by dinosaurs, the world is no longer made up of small tribes that hunt each other over resource competition, and natures formula of 51% female to 49% male birthrates has created a near perfect balance between male/female matches. There are, of course, some counter issues that affect that balance, but overall, the scale is fairly balanced in these modern times.

However, the concept of polygamy has not been met with the same doom as has the times which set the dark ages apart from the rest of world history. Its practitioners hide behind religious fronts to justify a livelihood of lust, greed, and gluttony. From a modern perspective, polygamy has no other merit, and in fact, is more easily argued as being detrimental to a modern society.

The first problem with polygamy is gender inequality. The same religious pretexts to defend such family arrangements are one sided in that it is only acceptable for a man to marry multiple females, but not the other way around. For a woman to have multiple partners would be considered criminal within these religious cults, as it would be considered a sin, and the woman a slut. Why is it ok for a man to be a slut but not a woman?

The next issue with polygamy is simple mathematics. Since the number of babies born are near equal male vs female, for a man to take extra mates leaves that many men without mates. For the mathematically challenged, if a man has 4 wives, that leaves three (3) men with no wives, no mates, no outlets for the sexual desires, no chance at a family life, and no fulfillment that is afforded by having a family. History is filled with examples of what happens when a large percentage of men are left angry and unfulfilled – it’s called war.

The third issue relates to who is the lucky winner of multiple wives, which is namely the more wealthy and powerful. In the ages past, one need only be able to feed one’s family to be considered a caregiver. Modern times have made the financial burden to upkeep a family much more dramatic. In the parts of the world where polygamy is practiced in large part, the young men who go without wives tend to be the poor and those with no political connection. In Utah, Colorado, and other locations where the LDS have made polygamy a way of life, many young men, (even as young as 13yo), are cast out of their communities in order to assure less competition for the young girls reaching the age of their menstrual cycles.

This leads to the fourth and probably most heinous part of polygamy, and that is how commonplace age discrepancy can be in polygamous societies, where ‘not quite’ mature girls are married off to much older men before they have a chance to develop and experience social relations with men their own age. The average age of pregnancy in the US for polygamist wives is 14. Fourteen years old is hardly considered an age of maturity in a modern society, but under the lustful and sex driven polygamous cultures, the wellbeing and maturity of a young girl is given less weight than the man’s sexual gratification and the greedy need for more objects of sexual gratification.

The fifth issue with polygamy relates to the inevitable oppression women experience when they are part of a polygamous society. With all of those unattached, young, and sexually more desirable men out there, a middle-aged man must no doubt feel great concern that his young (and at times teenaged) wife might stray from his corral of gluttonous lust. Such conundrums can lead to the type of paranoia that would result in the covering of his sexual chattel with veils and drapery; the imprisonment of the females physical selves in land structures so as to prevent potential access to other men; the censorship of communication between the outside world and his objects of greed; and finally, the psychological oppression needed to enforce these restrictions through mechanisms such as violence, guilt, constant pregnancy (the highest birthrates per female is in polygamous families), and shame through religious pretexts.

It does not take a rocket scientist to imagine how a wide spread polygamous practice in modern times can lead to fighting, civil unrest, and even war. In America, polygamous families hide behind the welfare system in order to maintain separate households. In America, Mormons, and increasingly Muslims, legally marry one wife and then “spiritually” marry other wives, leaving the tax payer to fund the “single mothers” who are actually the spousal other in a polygamous relationship. An estimated one third of welfare recipients who are single mothers are shared domestic chattel.

Psychologically, jealousy or fighting is not considered an issue, claim many “sister wives”, as these women are raised to be passive and subordinate to others, especially to their husbands. In contrast to what polygamist wives say, this article explains that women living under polygamist arrangements are far more likely to have physical and psychological problems (such as paranoia) compared to women in traditional relationships.

Finally, as a tax payer, I am not the least bit pleased to have any of my tax dollars being spent so that some dude can keep a harem of wives, of which he really cannot afford, in order to satisfy his lust, gluttony, and sexual perversion. End the welfare support of polygamy now! I am unconditionally opposed to funding that which serves to only destroy a society.

An interesting perspective on what polygamy does in a society as a whole – follow this link

If God had intended polygamy, why aren’t birthrates of females multiple times greater than that of males?

Orwell in a Box

Imagine living in a location where you were required to keep a key to your house in a lock box in front of your house. A lock box that is keyed the same for all your neighbors and businesses in the entire city. An access that is granted to any government worker that wanted it, and that criminals would likely end up getting.

Imagine living in such an Orwellian society, where a government made such unauthorized access a law, that would result in legal ramifications if you disobeyed. Sounds like the makings of some post apocalyptic B movie, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it is all too real for a community in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where a city council, lacking any knowledge of Constitutional law, passed an ordinance under the auspices that it is for the public’s own good. (See video below).

Like most idealists who lack the common sense to recognize reality and the potentially devastating outcomes from implementing such misguided initiatives, the council members sat unphased by one logical objection after another.

In their arrogance, they sincerely felt as though, based solely on the misguided premise that they are free to enact any law that they want to if they feel it is in the “best” interest of their population, that the opinions of their constituents and Constitutionality of such laws are meaningless.

America, we are failing in our duty to educate our children about Constitutional law. We are failing to elect representation which abides by Constitutional law and who fear atonement for overstepping the mandates of the positions to which they are elected. We are becoming far too apathetic to the continuous attack on our rights as a free nation. However, and most importantly, we are not accepting our own responsibilities as free men and free women to understand democratic freedom, and to protect the laws of our land.

It is time to wake up America. It is time to read and understand Constitutional law and the importance of each part of it. It is time to exercise our rights, and insist that our politicians abide by them, or be ousted. It is time to elect political leaders who will work toward the same end.

Twelve Steps to Recovery from Idealism

There are those moments in life when a person feels a sense of how things should be, but realize deep down that there is little likelihood that such an ideal could reach fruition, as life, and people, are filled with variables which when combined, make life what it is – the reality of life, as it were.


However, there are those who seem to fail to grasp the realities which would render any particular idealism as pointless. They fail to understand others who realize the folly of such an ideology, as not being simply cynical, but have balanced the precepts of idealism vs reality.


The hopeless idealist is very often surprised and disappointed when an ideological pathway, laid out with perfect intent and consideration, is neither embraced, traveled, nor determined by others to have a destination of any relevance. To the hopeless idealist, the fault is not their own, but rather that of some unseen force or unanswered question.


An idealists most used verbiage of reasoning includes, “It will work because it has to”, “I have faith in people”, or “people should just be made to do it”. The arguments, like the ideology, having no basis in reality, fail miserably, and leave the idealist disenfranchised and disheartened for the simple fact that they have yet to find balance with reality.


Not to worry, there is hope. There is a way for an idealist to come to grips with their crippling maligned logic disorder, and that is through a 12 step program of recognition and letting go. To the hapless idealist, I offer these 12 steps as a basis for your recovery:

For the hopeless idealist to recite at group meetings-

• Step 1 – We admitted we were powerless over our idealisms – that our expectations had become utterly unrealistic.


• Step 2 – Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could open our eyes to the essence of what is.


• Step 3 – Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.


• Step 4 – Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ideals which had no root in reality.


• Step 5 – Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our incapacity to realize reality.


• Step 6 – Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of thinking.


• Step 7 – Humbly asked God to remove our shortsightedness.


• Step 8 – Made a list of all persons we had harmed by insisting that they must follow our idealisms, and became willing to make amends to them all.


• Step 9 – Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would enforce another nonrealistic ideology.


• Step 10 – Continued to take personal inventory and when we began to format any feel good idealism, promptly admitted it.


• Step 11 – Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood God, praying not only for knowledge of God’s will for us, but the power to sustain from our own self indulgent idealisms.


• Step 12 – Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other idealists, and to practice reality in all our affairs.

Yukari Mihamae – The new Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is a well known civil rights activist, not because she carried a bull horn and shouted from the roof tops about racial injustice, but simply because she made the personal choice to act, at great risk to herself, against the injustice and indignity of Jim Crow laws. Instead of sitting at the back of the bus, as per law, she refused to be classified as anything less than a full fledged citizen of these United States, with the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.

A seemingly minor act by today’s standards – simply sitting in a seat toward the front of a bus – but back then, such an act could result in anything from jail time, to mob brutality.

As American’s, one by one, continue to be groped by TSA at airlines, one woman, one frequent flyer, one person, having suffered one indignation too many, decided that enough was enough.

Yukari Mihamae, a 61-year-old woman said that she was fed up with being manhandled by security screeners at airports. After refusing to be subjected to further humiliation at the hands of a government run amok, she stood her ground in an altercation that would end with her arrest for allegedly touching the breast of a TSA agent – an action that brought about charges of FELONY SEXUAL ASSAULT; an action of touching in an area considered one of the most private areas for a person; an area which law abiding citizens are being required to allow the groping of, with impunity, by a government agency empowered through an unconstitutional act of Congress – the Patriot Act.

Yukari Mihamae was arrested after allegedly groping and squeezing the agent’s breast at Phoenix Airport on Thursday. She states, “I go through security every week, and every week there is some problem,” denying the charge.

The US Department of Homeland Security has defended the arrest by stating, “The agency will not tolerate assaults against its workforce,” a spokesperson said.

Hey, Congress, what about the dignity when assaults occur against law abiding citizens of these United States of America?!!

While I am not an advocate of violence, and while I hold no particular disdain for the individual TSA agent, I believe the events as unfolded are justified. I also believe that most people do not see this as a grope of an agent, but rather a justified “grope back” of TSA and a pattern of abuse by a government that has stepped over the line.

To that end, Ron Paul, (regardless of what you may think about his politics), seems to have at least one issue straight, and that is his introduction of the American Traveler Dignity Act.

Perhaps this single Rosa Parks moment, brought to us by a true Patriot – Yukari Mihamae,  will be the catalyst that is necessary to fight the constant flow of injustice, which is one TSA grope after another. Perhaps this one act, by an individual who is no longer willing to go along with indignity like other sheep in travelers clothing, will be the moment in history when Americans tell Congress, “enough is enough”, and demand back their Constitutional rights.

God I hope so.

To you, Ms. Mihamae, my heart felt thanks and admiration.

BTW, there is a Facebook page setup in her support. FYI Facebook Acquit Yukari Mihamae page